Chapter 939

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“There’s evidence on the corpse? It was left on his body before he died?”

Autumn’s brows furrowed as he thought about it.

He had checked the corpse thoroughly when he handled it. He hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary

Could he have missed something?”

“Gather a few of our men. We’re going to the hill behind the Hill family residence.

Tll open the coffin to check on the corpse tonight!”

After thinking for a moment, Autumn quickly decided on his next action.

He could not afford to take the risk. If he’d missed something, he’d be in huge trouble.

He had to destroy any evidence before anyone found out!

Thirty minutes later, Autumn and his trusted men secretly went to the hill behind the Hill family residence.

This was where all the members of the Hill family were buried after they’d passed away. Paul was buried there, too.

When they got to Paul’s grave, Autumn bowed deeply and muttered to himself, “I’m sorry, Father.

Please don’t mind me.”

Then, he straightened up and gestured to his men.

“Start digging!”

With his orders, the men began digging. In less than 30 minutes, they had uncovered the coffin.

Just then, a gust of chilling wind swept around them.

They shivered and stopped what they were doing. They hunched their shoulders and glanced around guiltily.

“Why are you just standing there? Open up the coffin!” Autumn roared.

At this point, it was too late for him to turn back.

“Open it up!”

Clenching their jaws, the men braved themselves and opened up the coffin.

Paul lay there in the coffin in a formal suit. His face looked deathly pale, and he didn’t look peaceful.

“Forgive me, Father!” Autumn gulped drily and hopped into the coffin.

He began feeling around Paul’s corpse. He searched around a couple of times but couldn’t find anything.

He even checked his mouth, nostrils, hair, and under his nails and repeated it several times. But

“Where’s the evidence? Why is there nothing?”

Autumn was stressed, and he sweated profusely. He became more frustrated the more he searched.

“Hey. Suddenly, a hand patted Autumn on the shoulders.

“Fuck!” Autumn was scared out of his wits and leaped several feet backward.

He nearly peed his pants.

No man could handle the shock of suddenly being patted on the shoulders while digging up someone’s grave and rummaging around a corpse.

“Who the fuck…”

Autumn was about to turn around and start cursing when he noticed his surroundings.

For some reason, his men were defeated on the ground.

A man in white stood by the coffin and stared silently at him.

Under the moonlight, the man’s face looked pale and creepy. He was as scary as a ghost.

“Dustin?” Autumn’s eyes widened.

“Why are you here?”

“How would I know you’re the traitor if I don’t come here?” Dustin smiled thinly.

“Wait…” Autumn suddenly came to his senses.

He paled and exclaimed, “Is this all a trap? There wasn’t any evidence, to begin with?”

“It’s too late to realize now.” Dustin looked at Autumn coldly as he approached Autumn. “A person who murders his family is unforgivable Tell me, how would you prefer to die?”

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