Chapter 938

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That night, most of the disciples from the Kirin Gang got themselves drunk in Zephyr Lodge–all except the patrol team.


group of ten people in spy suits snuck their way in. They quickly searched everywhere in Zephyr Lodge.

The group of ten people moved around like ghosts. They made no sound when they landed, and their movements were quick and agile..

They were hidden from plain sight. The Kirin Gang’s patrol team noticed nothing amiss at all.

The group of ten was made up of the Hill family’s strongest force, the Hidden guards. Each one of them was extremely talented.

All of them had also gone through rigorous training. They excelled in everything assassination, undercover work, gathering information, and spying on enemies.

There were two reasons why the Hill family was one of the Tremendous Three. Besides Paul Hill’s identity as a grandmaster, another reason was due to the Hidden guards.

They had greatly contributed to eliminating all the Hill family’s enemies.

“Here it is.” After searching around, the Hidden guards finally got to the House of Heroes.

The House of Heroes had two groups of disciples guarding it at all times. The patrol team also passed by it often. The security around it was tight.

The leaders of the two troops of Hidden guards exchanged a look, and both lit up an incense.

As the smoke rose, the ten Hidden guards held their breath and waited.

The smoke, carried by the wind, soon wafted to the entrance of the House of Heroes.

All it took were a few breaths, and the two groups of Kirin Gang disciples standing guard fell to the ground, unconscious.

“The patrol team passes by every five minutes! We need to hurry!” The ten Hidden guards quickly snuck into the House of Heroes and began searching.

The place was huge but empty. There were memorial tablets in the front and rows of benches in

the center.

“Got it!”

Three minutes later, one of the Hidden guards found a secret compartment under one of the memorial tablets. There was a small, black sachet in the compartment.

After ensuring they had the right thing, they swiftly left and disappeared into the dark.

Dustin and Cornelius were standing on the roof of the House of Heroes. They watched in silence as the Hidden guards escaped.

“Sir Rhys, your prediction was right! The traitor from the Hill family could not hold out any longer!

Cornelius exclaimed in awe.

The Mini Gany nau been putting old SHOW 10 tile past few days. Ten purpose was to lure une traitor to show himself. Though what they did was risky, it had worked.

“I must admit, I was just betting for it to happen. Fortunately, they acted as I hoped.”

Dustin narrowed his eyes. “Sir Paul’s death had been too sudden. It’s very suspicious.

“The traitor must have a guilty conscience. He’s bound to show himself once he hears of the slightest information.

“He wouldn’t be able to stay put. If he gets the idea to destroy the evidence, he’ll jump straight into

my trap.“.

“So it’s his quilt playing up..

Cornelius stroked his chin and asked, “Sir Rhys, there was also a possibility he wouldn’t show up. What then? Do you have any other plans?”

“If he doesn’t show up?” Dustin smiled faintly.

“Then you’ll have to start making arrangements for my funeral.”

“What?” Cornelius froze on the spot as the corner of his mouth twitched.

Wasn’t Dustin too fearless?

He was betting on this with his life! His price for winning the bet was his life. But if he lost, he’d end up dead!

At that moment, Autumn was pacing around in his study within the Hill family residence. He looked anxious and would occasionally steal glances out the window.

Though he had dispatched the Hidden guards, he still felt on edge. If they failed, his life would be

in danger.

“Sir Autumn!”

One of the leaders of the Hidden guards rushed in. He bowed. “Mission accomplished. We’ve found.


“You’ve found it?” Autumn was instantly spirited.

“Where is it? Hurry! Show me!”

“Here. Please have a look.”

The leader of the Hidden guards took out a small sachet and handed it to Autumn.

Autumn hastily opened it up to find a letter inside,

He opened the letter to look at its contents and immediately frowned.

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