Chapter 937

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“What? There are no activities on their end?”

Autumn listened to reports from one of his men in one of the courtyards of the Hill family.


He couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure!”

The man said seriously, “We kept watch on them for the whole of yesterday. All of them from the Kirin Gang had stayed in Zephyr Lodge. Not even one of them set foot outside.”

“What is the rascal up to?” Autumn mused.

Dustin had been doing everything he could to gather information and investigate the issue for the past few days.

It was truly suspicious now that he suddenly stopped all activities.

“Keep your eyes on them at all times. Report back immediately once you have any information,” Autumn instructed.

“Yes, sir!”

With that, the man turned and left.

By the third day, there was still no activity from the Kirin Gang.

They continued indulging themselves. They spent all their days either training or having fun.

The atmosphere inside Zephyr Lodge was lively. They showed no sign that trouble was coming

their way.

When Autumn heard about that, he was even more confused.

“Damn it! Has the rascal decided to give up on the investigation? Is it because he knows there’s no way out for him, so he’s decided to indulge himself one last time?”

Autumn frowned. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was off.

From what he knew of Dustin, he wasn’t someone who would give up so readily. He would not have been able to reach the level of grandmaster otherwise.

But if Dustin had not given up, why had there been no activities on his end for the past few days? Could he have found something out?

“Look into it! I want a thorough investigation! I’d like to see what he’s up to!” Autumn ordered yet


On the fourth day, things went on as usual. The Kirin Gang stayed inside Zephyr Lodge and enjoyed themselves. They didn’t concern themselves with anything going on outside.

To liven things up, they even invited song and dance troupes or comedic groups to sometimes perform for them. They truly lived their lives in a delightful manner.

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Because of the situation, Autumn was no longer able to stay calm. He began to lose his appetite and started overthinking things.

Tomorrow was Dustin’s deadline. Due to his guilty conscience, Autumn couldn’t help but feel that Dustin was plotting something.

“Sir! We found something!”

Right at that moment, one of Autumn’s men came running in.

“You found something?” Autumn’s eyes lit up. “Quick! Tell me! What is it?” he urged.

“According to our investigations, Dustin already has evidence to prove his innocence. He will reveal it to the public tomorrow morning!” the person reported.

“He’s got evidence? How is that possible?” Autumn’s expression grew grave.

He had always been careful not to leave anything behind. So how could Dustin get any evidence, then? Could this be a trap?

“Are you sure about the information?” Autumn asked sternly.

“I’m very sure!” The man confidently confirmed.

“I put in great effort to obtain the information and even verified it several times to make sure it was true. I’m sure that the information can’t be wrong!”

“I’ll be in a lot of trouble if he really has evidence!” Autumn’s brows furrowed deeply.

He would surely die a miserable death if anyone knew the truth behind the incident!

“What do we do now, sir?” the man asked anxiously.

“Do you know where they keep the evidence?” Autumn asked.

“The Kirin Gang’s House of Heroes has the strictest security. I bet that they’ve stored it there,” the

man answered.

“Gather two troops of Hidden guards at once! We’ll break into the House of Heroes tonight!”

Autumn instructed.

He would rather believe that Dustin really had evidence and act upon it while he could.

This was a matter of life and death. He dared not take any chances.

Regardless of whether the evidence was real, he would destroy it once and for all. That would set. him at ease and give him peace.

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