Chapter 936

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“This traitor has been very good at hiding himself. There haven’t been any slip–ups so far.” Samuel shook his head.

He continued, “One thing for sure, they hold significant influence within the Hill family. They’re either one of the Hill brethren or someone from the main family.”

The Hill brethren consisted of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They were also Paul Hill’s

four sons.

Each one held substantial resources and had ambitious goals. They were also smart in politics.

“You might as well not have said anything.” Dustin frowned.

“There are so many people in the Hill family. How could I find a traitor in such a short time?”

He had his suspicions before. But he couldn’t find any concrete evidence.

“Relax, Mr. Rhys. It isn’t exactly hard to find out who the traitor is. However, you would have to take a little risk.” Samuel smiled meaningfully.

Oh? Do you have a plan, Mr. Franklin?” Dustin was interested.

“It isn’t exactly a brilliant plan. It’s just a matter of using bait.”

Samuel dipped his index finger into his tea. Then, he made a few marks on the table.

After reading them, Dustin nodded in contemplation.

“That seems like a plan, but I wonder if it will work.

“Just do your best and leave the rest to destiny,” Samuel said.

“Thank you for your advice, Mr. Franklin ” Dustin nodded thoughtfully.

He asked. “How much is this information worth?”

“It’s free. Let’s consider it the start of our friendship,” Samuel replied with a friendly smile.

“It’s not easy to become my friend. I’ll consider you one if you tell me who is behind Sheila’s bounty.” Dustin began negotiating.

“Mr. Rhys, please don’t put me in a difficult position”

Samuel chuckled and shook his head. “If the client’s information leaks, I won’t have any more.

business in the future.”

“This is only between us. Who would know about it?” Dustin smiled.

“There are no safe secrets in this world. I can’t take the risk.” Samuel shook his head.

Samuel had just finished speaking when a sharp clang resounded. A bloody knife suddenly fell from Dustin’s waist.

Samuel froze.

“Oh, I use this knife for self–defense. It’s always better to be cautious.” Dustin smiled, looking

He said, “Mr. Franklin, what did you say earlier? I didn’t quite catch it. Could you repeat that?”


The corner of Samuel’s mouth twitched, and he managed a smile.

“If Mr. Rhys is truly interested, I could offer you a bit of information. However, it would depend on how skilled you are in finding out the truth.”

“Alright.” Dustin nodded.

“I can only tell you that on the day of Christopher Murray’s birthday banquet, this person will act.” Samuel lowered his voice into a whisper..

“Is that all? Is there anything else?” Dustin asked.

While speaking, he even placed the knife on the table, increasing the pressure on him.

“Mr. Rhys, that was my last compromise. I won’t be saying another word.” Samuel looked grim.

As one of the three chief envoys of the Bounty Killers, when had he ever been in such a

frustrating situation? It was all thanks to that damned Simba for bringing this bad omen to their


“Alright, it’s enough. Thank you, Mr. Franklin.”

Dustin grinned. “Don’t be so nervous. Aren’t we friends? Even if you don’t say anything, I wouldn’t dare do anything to you.”

Samuel’s eye twitched, caught between amusement and annoyance. He could have put away the knife before saying that.

“Mr. Franklin, it’s been a pleasure working with you. Remember to let me know immediately

when you have any good news. Goodbye.”

Dustin nodded and turned to leave.

“Mr. Rhys, your knife…” Samuel reminded him.

“Consider it a gift.” Dustin waved his hand dismissively and left without another look back.

Samuel remained seated. He let out a heavy sigh.

After all his years in the world of martial arts, he had always been the one taking advantage of others. No one had ever dared to take advantage of him yet.

Today, he had encountered a rogue grandmaster, and there was nothing he could do about it.

The next day, Dustin issued an order for all the members of the Kirin Gang to return.

They would no longer investigate the death of Paul Hill and stay out of the public eye.

Instead, they would stay at Zephyr Lodge, keeping a low profile and not going outside.

Apart from their regular training, they spent most of their time eating and drinking. Their

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