Chapter 944

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Chapter 944

A deathly silence came over the crowd as Autumn’s head fell to the ground.

All the shouts and clamors died down.

Ronald and Conrad were shocked.

The Hill family, Jade Maiden Sisterhood, Boulderthorn, the Zen Order, the Combat Priests, the Soul Reapers, and all the martial artists present were shocked.

Everyone gaped in disbelief.

No one had expected Dustin to be so cruel. He had cut-Autumn’s head off in front of the entire Hill family, the Balerno and Glenstead martial alliances, and all the sects.

Without any reason or explanation, he killed him like one would slaughter an animal.

Then, an uproar broke out.

“How dare you kill someone so openly, Dustin? You cocky bastard!”

“He killed him to silence him! That’s what he’s doing!”

“He has no conscience! Someone like him needs to be killed!”

“Kill him! Avenge Sir Paul! Return the Hill family their honor!”

The crowd stomped their feet and cursed at him.

He was already guilty of murder, and now he’d committed another! They would not allow such

wicked and vile scum to exist in the martial world!

They had to get rid of him!

“The dumbass is digging his own grave!” The Jade Maiden Sisterhood snickered among themselves, enjoying the show.

Dustin killing Autumn so openly was like adding fuel to the fire. Dustin had left himself with no

way out now.’

“You beast! How dare you kill my brother? The Hill family will never let you off!”

After coming back to his senses, Spring roared.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you for murdering my father!”

Torben gritted his teeth in rage. Drawing his sword, he dashed up to Dustin, ready to kill Dustin even if it meant losing his life.

But he had barely approached Dustin when Cornelius punched him and sent him flying. He struggled to stand up.

“Sir Reeds! This man is way too arrogant.

“First, he killed my father. Then he killed my brother.

“As a leader of the martial world, will you just stand by and watch?” Spring looked at him, his eyes


He would have personally led his men to wipe out Zephyr Lodge if it wasn’t because he couldn’t defeat Dustin.

“You’re too boastful, Dustin! How can I protect you when you act so arrogantly?” Ronald was

furious, too.

As he spoke, he gradually released his energy. Strong gusts of wind blew around them, sending sand and dust into the air.

“Please calm down, Sir Reeds. You were the one who said that a son who kills his father deserves to be killed. So I just did as you said,” Dustin said calmly.

“Nonsense! What do you mean that a son who kills his father deserves to be killed?

“That’s all just your one-sided claim! What proof do you have?” Spring demanded angrily.

“Exactly! You claim that Autumn’s the murderer. But what proof have you got?” Ronald frowned.

“You want proof? That’s easy.” Dustin gestured to his men.

Two disciples of the Kirin gang quickly brought out a huge piece of white cloth and hung it at the entrance of Zephyr Lodge.

Then, they turned on a projector and played a video with the white cloth as a screen.

The video was a recording of Autumn digging up the grave last night.

It started with Autumn digging the grave and ended with him being knocked out. Everything that

he had said and done was seen and heard.

The crowd fell silent after seeing that.

Their eyes fixed on the screen. The shock was evident on all their faces, and they struggled to come to terms with what they saw.

They honestly never expected Autumn to be the real murderer! He had denied all accusations and insisted that he was innocent just a while ago!

In the video footage, Autumn appeared unbelievably full of himself. The malicious look on his face garnered a lot of resentment from everyone who saw it.

Though they found it hard to believe, the truth was there for all to see. No matter how shocking it was, they could not deny it.

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