Chapter 945

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“Do you see that, everyone?”

Dustin looked around and said coldly, “Autumn’s conscience has been shrouded by his greed.

“He would not even spare his father for power. Should a vile person like him not be killed?”

Dustin’s question shut all of them up.

Even those from the Hill family who had been livid were silenced.

Spring froze after watching the video.

Torben stood there, mumbling to himself, “How did things turnout this way?

“How could my father end up being my grandfather’s murderer? Tha–that’s impossible!”

He found it hard to believe that his father would commit such a vile act.

He even went so far as to disregard family ties just for power and authority. It was outrageous!

“I had thought that Dustin was the murderer. Turns out there’s a traitor within the Hill family!”

“He can even bring himself to murder his father. What a monster!”

“One can never judge a book by its covers. Who would have thought the ever–helpful and generous Sir Autumn was so despicable?”

The crowd whispered in hushed tones as they commented on the issue.

The Hill family now ended up as the target of public criticism.

“Hold on!”

Just then, Edith came forward and voiced her doubts.

“As far as I’m aware, Autumn is a weakling.

“How could he possibly assassinate a grandmaster? Don’t any of you find this weird?”

“That’s right! Only a grandmaster is capable of killing another grandmaster. How could Autumn be able to do it?

“Maybe they’ve turned against each other, and someone’s just thrown Autumn under the truck to save himself!” Brittany seemed to be insinuating something.

They didn’t want Dustin to make it out of this alive. Even if it was baseless accusations, they made it a point to drag him through the mud.

“Exactly! With Autumn’s powers, he can’t even harm Sir Paul. How could he possibly have killed him?”

The onlookers started to doubt when they heard what Edith said.

A grandmaster was like a legendary figure.

Regular martial artists could not harm them, much less assassinate them. That was something

“Of course, Autumn could not have done it alone.”

Dustin glanced at the Jade Maiden Sisterhood.

Then he continued, “Actually, someone else murdered Sir Paul.”

“Who is it?” Ronald frowned.

“Dimitri Gonzalez–Shadowslayer’s ace assassin!”

That was a shocking piece of information. The crowd was sent into an uproar again.

“Dimitri Gonzalez? Isn’t he a Kimbokuan?”

“Could Autumn have worked with Shadowslayer for power?”

“He joined hands with foreign invaders and invited tragedy upon himself. He deserved to die!”

After hearing that Shadowslayer was involved, many of them were livid.

It was vile enough of him to kill his father. And now, they even discovered he was working with foreign invaders.

He was a traitor to the country who deserved to die!

“No! No way! My father would never do such a thing!” Torben shook his head furiously in denial.

Autumn had committed two serious offenses that his reputation would be tarnished forever.

“Hmph! Your father would kill his father for power! What wouldn’t he do?”

“Exactly! Your father is an evil monster! Scums like him deserve to be shredded into pieces!”

All the martial artists berated Autumn. Their view on the matter changed after seeing his true colors.

“Autumn might be a monster, but there is someone even worse than him,” Dustin added.

“What do you mean?” Ronald was curious.

“You probably do not know about this, Sir Reeds. But Autumn is just a pawn.

“There is someone controlling everything behind the scenes! And that person is the true murderer! “Dustin revealed.

“What? There’s someone behind all of this? Who is it?” Ronald’s face fell

Dustin looked around, and his gaze finally fell on someone at the center of the crowd.

He raised a finger and pointed at him. “That person is the leader of the Hill brethren–Spring Hill

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