Chapter 946

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“What? Spring Hill?”

Everyone was shocked by Dustin’s words. All eyes rested on the Hills.

“No way! Spring has always been a righteous and generous person. How could he have anything to

do with this?”

“I don’t believe you too. Spring is known to be a gentleman. Everyone only talks about how good he


“Was he mistaken?”

A heated discussion broke out among the crowd.

Spring had the best reputation among the Hill brethren. He was always helpful to others.

Even beggars who approached him were treated with respect. There was no doubt about his


Spring was taken aback but quickly recovered. He roared, “What nonsense! There’s no bad blood between us, Dustin.

“Why are you making false accusations against me?”

“False accusations?” Dustin scoffed.

“You know better than anyone else whether those accusations are true.

“Autumn was just impulsive. He has the brawns but not the brains.

“He is incapable of planning Sir Paul’s assassination and framing me for it!”

Autumn’s actions showed he was not a smart and crafty person. He had jumped head first into the trap Dustin set up for him and came clean about everything he had done.

He was not a person who could come up with such a fine plan, much less execute it so perfectly.

Hence, Dustin had suspected that Autumn was simply a pawn.

After some investigation, he found evidence that led to the mastermind.

“Watch your words!” Spring huffed.

“First, you say it’s Autumn, then you claim it’s Dimitri Gonzalez.

“And now you pin it on me? What are you playing at?”

“Hey, bastard! I’m warning you, you better not spew nonsense! We won’t let you off if you slander the new leader of our family!” the Hill family roared.

It was Spring who had dealt with the mess after Paul’s death. He had settled the family and put

everyone at ease.

Because of that, he was now the backbone of the family that everyone depended on.

“Dustin, empty words cannot prove anything. Do you have evidence that Spring is the mastermind

“I would not have wasted my words if I did not have evidence.”

Dustin gestured to his men. “Boys, bring those people here!”

A group of Kirin Gang disciples brought out several masked men. They were all dressed in black


Their masks were then removed and their shirts taken off, Each one of them had a unique tattoo

on their chest.

“Do you recognize the tattoo on them, Spring?” Dustin asked.

“I do. They are the Hill family’s Hidden guards.” Spring did not deny recognizing the tattoo.

“Good that you own up to that.” Dustin nodded.

Then he continued, “These Hidden guards have come clean.

“They said that you were the one controlling Autumn behind the scenes. You were the one who used him to murder Sir Paul.

“I have recorded all their testimonies. Do you wish to hear them for yourself?”

“Hmph! They’re all wounded. It’s obvious that you’ve forced a confession out of them.

“Who would believe such testimonies?” Spring remained unfazed.

“That’s right! A forced confession cannot be trusted!” the crowd echoed.

Even the strongest of men would give in to torture. Their testimonies, which had been obtained by torture, could not be trusted.

“As we all know, the Hidden guards only answer to the Hill family emblem. How could Autumn get the Hidden guards to obey him without your help?” Dustin questioned.

“I have just taken over the family. There are bound to be mistakes.

“Besides, these Hidden guards have long since been bought over by Autumn. I have no authority over them anymore,” Spring said convincingly.

“Dustin, these testimonies can’t prove anything. If you do not have other evidence, we will end things here today,” Ronald said.

“If testimonies can’t prove it, I have evidence to back me up.

Dustin seemed to have expected this. He took out an envelope from his pocket and tossed it to


“Sir Reeds, this is a letter I found in Autumn’s secret room.

“It records all the plans they have made with Dimitri Gonzalez. Spring is mentioned, too!”

“How could that be?”

Ronald frowned as he opened up the letter and read it.

A moment later, his expression darkened as he threw the letter on Spring’s face.

Spilly ! it as youname on it! vilat lave you you to say about us?

“No way! Does Spring have something to do with this?”

“Oh my God! If that’s the case, I’m afraid the Hill family is doomed!”

The crowd was surprised, and they began whispering among themselves. If testimonies alone couldn’t be trusted, what about solid evidence?

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