Chapter 921

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Dustin said indifferently. “Sir Augustus wanted to kill me earlier. Why can’t I kill him?”

“I’m going to take revenge on you for killing my master!” Terry roared. His eyes were bloodshot

“Terry, don’t say that Phil quickly yelled. He was afraid.

This young grandmaster in front of them was able to defeat Sir Augustus, much less them.

“If it’s a fair challenge, I’ll welcome it. But if you dare use dirty tricks, I’ll annihilate the entire Doyle family!” Dustin said as he looked at Terry coldly.

The Doyle family stepped backward in fear. They looked terrified.

It would be easy for a grandmaster to wipe them out.

“Cornelius, let’s go home.” Dustin no longer wanted to entertain this conversation and headed

down the mountain.

“Dustin…” At that moment, Nikki ran up to him.

With a guilty look, she said, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. I’m willing to turn over a new leaf and listen to

you. Will you give me another chance?”

“Actually,” she continued, “if you’d been honest with me sooner, none of this would have happened. We would have been great friends, don’t you think?”

If she had known earlier that he was a grandmaster, she would never have chosen to betray him.

“Get lost,” Dustin spat coldly. His expression didn’t waver a single bit.

Broken trust could never be regained.

“Dustin, I know you feel bad for me. For my brother’s sake…”

“Get lost!”

Before Nikki could finish speaking, Dustin stomped his foot fiercely. An intense force of internal energy suddenly exploded, forcing her away.

“Don’t ever bring your brother up in front of me. You have no right,” he said coldly.

With that, he left.

Watching his retreating back, Nikki gnashed her teeth. She was about to blow her top.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me?

“If you’d revealed your identity sooner, I wouldn’t have done that.

“This is all your fault!

“Give the Jade Maiden Scripture back!”

Nikki shouted. Anger was written all over her face.

More than that, she was overcome with regret.

“A leopard can’t change its spots Dustin’s cold, mocking murmur disappeared with the wind

“Madam Edith, what do we do now? Are we still going to massacre the entire Zephyr Lodge tonight?” one of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples asked out of the blue

“Massacre?” Edith slapped the disciple.

She yelled, “Are you stupid? He’s a grandmaster martial artist. How are you going to pull off a massacre? Do you want to die?”

The disciple cupped her cheek pitifully.

She muttered to herself, “Wasn’t it you who said you wanted a bloodbath?”

“Now that such a powerful evildoer has been born, the entire martial world will be shaken up!” Conrad narrowed his eyes and let out a breath.

“He is a young grandmaster. If not him, then who?”

Several founding members of the Gleansted martial arts alliance also sighed.

“Dad, what do we do now? Can we still get our revenge?” Torben swallowed. He was feeling weak.

“Well…” Autumn was at a loss for words.

Without his father in command, even if the entire Hill family joined united, they were no match

for a grandmaster.

“Hmph, so what if he’s a young grandmaster? He took the Septemortis. Without an antidote, he’s going to die anyway!” Spring said with a dark expression.

“That’s right! The punk has been poisoned, and no medicine can help him. He only has three and a half days to live!” Torben said, his eyes lighting up.

“Sir Reeds, that bastard killed my father. He is also the martial world’s public enemy. You cannot go easy on him!” Autumn said as he shifted his


The antidote to the Septemortis was with Ronald.

In other words, Dustin’s life was completely in his hands.

“I owe everything to Sir Paul. I will handle this matter fairly and not let personal matters affect my decision.”

Then, Ronald shook his head and sighed softly. “Although it’s a pity, someone has to pay the price

for this.”

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