Chapter 922

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In the evening, Dustin was quietly sipping tea at his table by the window of the Roseate


The battle of grandmasters shook up the two major martial arts alliances entirely.

Various parties were thinking of ways to recruit him. This even included several overseas


Of course, he paid no attention to those people.

Because today, he’d invited Natasha for dinner.

At that moment, the restaurant’s doors opened.


Natasha walked in elegantly. She was in a long black dress that complemented her complexion.

She was wearing light makeup today. Her natural features looked even more alluring.

Together with her unique aura, she was a stunner.

Even though he’d seen her many times, Dustin was still as surprised as always.

“Why are you staring at me? Am I not beautiful today?”

Natasha purposely twirled in front of Dustin, putting her sexy figure on full display.

“Of course, you’re beautiful. Words cannot describe your beauty.” Dustin nodded with a smile.

“Hehe. Darling, when did you learn how to talk like that?” Natasha grinned.

She had always thought that Dustin didn’t get romance. She never thought that he w

saying such things.

Did he finally learn?

“I’m just telling the truth,” Dustin said seriously.

“Good, because I love hearing you tell me the truth.” Natasha took a seat, still smiling..

Then, she took out a gift box from her bag and placed it on the table. “Here, this is for you.”

“Why did you get a gift for no reason?” Dustin was rather curious.

He opened the gift box to find a beautiful brass lock. He was dumbfounded.

“Natasha, what does this mean?”

“A brass lock signifies a long–lasting love. I want to keep you locked down!” Natasha said seriously.

“What year are we in? You actually believe in this?”

Dustin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What? You don’t want to be locked down by me?” Natasha deadpanned.

Her eyes carried a hint of threat.

LAUSUI SUURU wiyty ne nung me vrass IVGA UU HIS DEGA.

“Hmph, that’s more like it! Natasha smiled with a hint of pride.

Do you think I don’t have control over you?” she thought.

“Natasha, why did you invite me to dinner today?” Dustin asked

“Actually, there is.” Natasha nodded.

Her expression turned serious. The preparations for the Oakvale company are done. I have to fly over to take care of the overall situation, so I wanted to say goodbye ”

“So soon? I thought it’d take more time.” Dustin was caught off guard.

Natasha had mentioned this two nights ago. He just never expected her to do things so swiftly.

“My family’s situation is not great right now. There’s already internal conflict, so I have to pick up the pace with the new company.

“When the time comes, I’ll transfer all the funds here to there to avoid getting stuck in a muddy situation,” Natasha explained.

“It’s good to be prepared. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Dustin nodded thoughtfully.

Then, he asked, “Oh, do you need my help with anything?”

“You don’t have to worry about the business. Having the Immortunol is enough. Right now, I’m

most worried about my father.

“Ever since my uncle took over, he has been getting rid of my father’s most trusted subordinates. Some were kicked out of the family, while others were stripped of important positions.

“If this continues, my father will have no support within three days. He will end up isolated. When that happens, he’ll have no power to fight back.

“Of course, if it was just a fight for money and wealth, things would be easier. However, the crux is that my uncle’s target is the Harmon family’s treasure map.

“In the end, there will definitely be conflict. I hope you can keep my father safe.

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