Chapter 920

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The crowd was stunned as they watched blood fog fill the air

They were all rooted to the spot. It was as if they’d been struck by lightning

No one could have expected to see such a shocking sight.

Didn’t Augustus win?

Why? Why did he suddenly explode?

That was none other than Sir Augustus, the peerless grandmaster martial artist!

He was a living legend!

Someone like him died… just like that?!

He was dead?!

“Master…?” Terry’s jaw dropped open

He stood there in a daze. His face paled.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. His invincible, extraordinary master had suddenly exploded and died.

Even his body was gone.

“He’s dead? Sir Augustus is actually dead?!”

After a brief silence, the crowd broke out in chaos.

“Oh my god, what the hell just happened? I can’t be dreaming, can I?”

“No–no way! How did a grandmaster martial artist die?”

“The sky is falling… The sky is falling!”

Right now, all the martial artists were extremely shocked.

They were all scared out of their wits. They felt their hair stand on end.

When Dustin coughed up blood, they were certain that Augustus won.

Yet, in the next second, he’d exploded and died.

That unexpected twist came out of nowhere.

Looking at Dustin, everyone screamed internally, “What kind of monster is he?!”

Shock, confusion, anger, jealousy, fear… Various emotion crossed their faces.

Although it was hard to believe, they had to admit that this young grandmaster was going to shock the world! Thousands would submit to him!

Under everyone’s gazes, Dustin walked across the surface of the water toward the land.

His complexion was pale, and there were still traces of dark blood at the corner of his mouth.

on te suntale, Uldi DALLIE JOUREU wuyi

But only Dustin knew that he didn’t cough up blood because of Augustus It was because of


The poison was like a maggot in his bones Every time he used his true energy, it would take the opportunity to get in.

The more true energy he consumed, the more aggressive the poison.

Watching Dustin make his way over, Cornelius was both excited and concerned. “Sir Rhys, are you alright?”

He was excited because his gang leader was actually a low–profile young grandmaster.

Even in the entire world, he was one in a million.

He had a bright future ahead of him!

However, he was concerned. If Dustin got some kind of hidden injury from the battle, things would become troublesome.

In a life–or–death battle between grandmasters, one could easily injure one’s core.

“It’s just a small injury. It’s nothing.” Dustin waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Good.” Cornelius sighed.

“You look like you got hurt pretty badly. Take this Dustin flicked a red tablet into Cornelius‘ hand

“Thank you, Sir Rhys!” Cornelius swallowed it in one gulp.

After taking a few breaths, the blood surging through his chest began to calm down.

The effects of the medicine were shocking.

“Rhys, how–how dare you kill my master?!” When Terry returned to his senses, he flew into a rage.

“A life or death battle doesn’t just prove who is stronger. It also decides who gets to live or die.”

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