Chapter 919

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It was Augustus, who was just sent crashing into the water!

ths hair was disheveled, and his entire body was drenched He looked awful

He wasn’t badly injured However, he couldn’t get back his initial glory as a grandmaster.

“Master Augustus is actually alright? That’s great!

Seeing this. Terry was reenergized. He also regained his confidence.

The surprised crowd also had their hopes restored,

Dustin was indeed a young grandmaster, but Augustus was a grandmaster too. Earlier, he had been too reckless

Augustus had underestimated his enemy, which led to his loss.

As a veteran grandmaster, Augustus would surely be more skilled if they fought head–on.

“Young man, how dare you attack me by surprise?

Augustus came out of the water. He gritted his teeth with a fierce expression.

He looked as though he wanted to eat somebody.

Augustus had never felt so embarrassed. He had his dignity wiped by a punk in front of everyone.

It was a huge humiliation!

“A surprise attack? But you attacked first.”

Dustin put his hands behind his back. He stood on the surface of the lake, his body moving up and down with the waves.

“Hmph, I underestimated you earlier. That’s why you managed to find an opportunity to strike,” Augustus said.

Then, he continued, “This time, I won’t hold back. I’ll show you the difference between us as grandmasters!”

With that, Augustus tapped his foot on the surface of the lake. A huge wave burst out.

At the same time, his whole body shot up like an arrow from a bow. He flew toward Dustin.

Wherever he flew over, his grandmaster’s energy formed a large trench on the surface of the lake.

Dustin wasn’t afraid at all. He also shot himself upward to meet Augustus.

Like cars speeding toward each other, they collided.

Then came a loud, earth–shattering noise.

When they collided, water splashed up as high as fifty feet.

An energy light wave burst forth. It made a huge wave that crashed violently in every direction.

Wave after wave slammed against the land!

Delvie tie lidilidi dusts Stay by шe lake could react, the water au un tiem iey were soaked from head to toe.

After that move, the two people in the middle of the lake didn’t stop there. They continued to attack each other.

They exchanged blows, each giving and taking.

They created countless splashes and roaring waves.

Even from three hundred feet away, everyone could feel their overwhelming power.

Every attack seemed capable of destroying the earth and moving mountains.

They were all scared out of their minds.

“This is what grandmaster martial artists are like? They’re as scary as I thought!”

“This battle is intense. I really don’t know who will win.”

“Is that even a question? Of course, it’s going to be Sir Augustus. Can’t you see that the punk is already struggling to catch his breath?”

“That’s right! As a veteran grandmaster, Sir Augustus has a solid foundation. He has several tricks. up his sleeve, so he ought to emerge victorious.”

As the crowd watched the fight, they even made all sorts of comments to the point of being overly critical.

To them, Dustin could only get the upper hand earlier because Augustus had underestimated him.

Otherwise, how could he have had an advantage?

At that moment, there was a thunderous noise from the middle of the lake.

In an instant, the earth swayed, and the waves surged.

Amid strong waves, the two figures clashed. Then, they retreated several hundred feet in separate directions.

At last, they regained their footing on the surface of the lake.

In the next second, Dustin suddenly spat out a mouthful of dark blood.

His figure swayed, and he almost fell into the water.

“Hahaha… he lost! The punk lost!”

Terry and the others cheered in delight.

“As expected of Sir Augustus. He deserves his reputation. How impressive!”

The Hill family also perked up.

“Hmph, so what if he’s a young grandmaster? He’ll still die in Sir Augustus‘ hands.”

The disciples from the Jade Maiden Sisterhood celebrated Dustin’s defeat. They kicked him while

he was down.

JE MARNE Bugha the end. UE ULURIJE A


“Punk, do you know what strength looks like? This is the gap between grandmasters! You should be honored to die by my hand today!”

Augustus cackled

As he laughed, his body suddenly exploded like a balloon!


entire being turned into a cloud of fog, and nothing was left of his body!

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