Chapter 916

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“What?” After witnessing Cornelius flying, the crowd was dumbfounded.

They were aware of his skills from his earlier performance. He had single–handedly defeated Ice- Fire Duo It was nothing short of imposing

Yet a formidable martial artist like him was severely injured by a single leaf. It was truly


The most remarkable part was that the leaf had shot out from more than a thousand yards away

Who could have injured a semi–grandmaster without even showing themselves?

“He’s here!”

Amidst the gazes of many, an elderly man with a youthful appearance appeared at the end of Shinefield Lake.

He wore a white robe and had his hands folded behind his back. He strode across the surface of the lake as if it were solid land.

With every step he took, ripples that looked like lotuses appeared. It made the aquatic life beneath him leap from the water in response.

At first glance, it looked like a divine being had descended from the heavens. As he moved amidst clouds and mist, every gesture he made exuded an otherworldly grace.

“He walks on water! That’s an unmistakable grandmaster!” someone cried out from the crowd.

At that moment, everyone burst into excitement. Many of them had never seen a grandmaster before, let alone one at such close proximity.

Grandmasters were like divine beings, distant and elusive. Seeing a grandmaster up close was undoubtedly an awe–inspiring experience.

“Mr. Kline!”

Terry’s expression lit up in joy at the elderly man’s appearance. The weight that had been pressing down on his heart finally lifted.

His seniors‘ defeat had troubled him. Now that his mentor had made his entrance, he would naturally be able to contain the situation.

“Is that Augustus Kline? His reputation is well–deserved!” Phil was delightfully surprised.

A mere leaf from a thousand yards away could defeat a semi–grandmaster. The sheer strength displayed was truly awe–inspiring.

“Hahaha… our savior has finally arrived!”

After a brief moment of shock, Maggie was thrilled. With a grandmaster present, nobody would dare cause trouble with the Doyles.

“Hah! Augustus Kline has arrived. That Dustin brat is as good as dead today!” Sitting in a wheelchair, Brittany smirked in satisfaction.

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“What Phil and his group glanced at each other in dismay. They were unsure of what to do

They thought the Ice Fire Duo would uphold the family’s dignity. They hadn’t anticipated their

sudden defeat


“Old geezer! Who the hell are you?” Blaise held his chest. He looked both shocked and angry.

Cornelius had led him on. He was deliberately wearing him down.

Once he was weakened, Cornelius launched a fierce assault. He aimed to break through his


It was a cunning move! He couldn’t accept his loss.

“It matters not who I am. I won’t let you escape the consequences of laying a hand on Sir Rhys‘

Cornelius‘ gaze hardened as he launched another strike, his palm launching with relentless force.

Since Blaise was an enemy, he didn’t need to show Mercy.


A sudden, thunderous voice shattered the air, causing the lake’s surface to ripple.

Those who stood by the lake felt their breathing hitch, and their ears rang. It almost felt like a

mountain was pressing down on them.

A piercing whistle accompanied the thunderous voice. A stream of brilliant white light shot

toward them from the end of Shinefield Lake. It left a long trail in the air.

It carried an explosive force, and it was aimed directly at Cornelius. Wherever the light traversed, it split the lake in half like a blade cutting through jelly.

“Huh?” Cornelius‘ expression turned grim.

Targeted by the oncoming power, he could only cross his arms and exert all of his true energy to defend against it.

The brilliant white light surged forth like a meteor. It hit Cornelius and his protective true energy


An explosive boom reverberated in the air.

In the next instant, it was like Cornelius was hit by a train. He hurtled a long distance backward,

blood spraying from his mouth.

Following the attack, the brilliant white light descended gently. It swayed in the wind.

Unbelievably, it turned out to be a leaf!

A flying leaf capable of inflicting harm from a thousand meters away–that was the power of a grandmaster!

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