Chapter 915

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Ronald found it strange too A skilled semi–grandmaster was more than qualified to become an

elder of the martial arts alliance.

Why would he be working for Dustin? Was he hired with a hefty sum to fight in the battle?,

“It was only yesterday that we saw him. And yet, it seems like that old geezer has improved ”

Edith’s expression was hostile. It carried a hint of resentment.

She had been stuck as a semi–grandmaster for many years, unable to make any progress. However, that old geezer still had room to improve

It made her jealous.

“Damn it! Where did that old geezer come from? I can’t believe he still isn’t defeated by Ice–Fire

Duo.” Maggie was getting anxious.

“Don’t panic. At least it looks like Ice–Fire Duo still has the upper hand.”

Phil stroked his beard. They weren’t ranked fifth and sixth on the Heavenly Immortals for nothing.

They were invincible, especially when they joined forces. It was only a matter of time before they would defeat their opponent.

“Relax, that old man will never win against my seniors.”

Terry was confident. “I believe he will be defeated in less than three minutes!”

As soon as he spoke, they heard a miserable groan

Cornelius‘ palm had smacked a tired Blaise right in the chest. It sent him flying several meters


Blaise crashed heavily into a sturdy tree. Blood dripped from his mouth continuously.

“Blaise!” Frostine’s expression shifted, and her movements slowed down slightly.

In that short moment she was distracted, Cornelius took the chance and struck again. His palm hit her back forcefully.

With a muffled groan, Frostine was sent flying several meters away, just like Blaise. She landed. right beside Blaise and spat out a mouthful of blood.

In just a blink of an eye, the situation was reversed.

“What? Ice–Fire Duo lost? Am I seeing things?”

“Oh my goodness, that old geezer is too good. He won even when the fight was two against one.”

“He truly is a hidden master!”

Cornelius‘ win ignited an uproar among the crowd. The nameless, formidable martial artist suddenly piqued everyone’s interest.

“How is that possible?” Terry’s smile froze in place. He was dumbstruck.


me never expocitu an onu mimi iu umiem mis seinuss man


“What Phil and his group glanced at each other in dismay. They were unsure of what to do

They thought the Ice Fire Duo would uphold the family’s dignity. They hadn’t anticipated their sudden defeat

“Old geezer Who the hell are you? Blaise held his chest. He looked both shocked and angry

Cornelius had led him on He was deliberately wearing him down

Once he was weakened, Cornelius launched a fierce assault He aimed to break through his defenses

It was a cunning move! He couldn’t accept his loss,

“It matters not who I am. I won’t let you escape the consequences of laying a hand on Sir Phys

Comelius‘ gaze hardened as he launched another strike, his palm launching with relentless force Since Blaise was an enemy, he didn’t need to show Mercy.


A sudden, thunderous voice shattered the air, causing the lake’s surface to ripple.

Those who stood by the lake felt their breathing hitch, and their ears rang. It almost felt like a

mountain was pressing down on them.

A piercing whistle accompanied the thunderous voice. A stream of brilliant white light shot toward them from the end of Shinefield Lake. It left a long trail in the air.

It carried an explosive force, and it was aimed directly at Cornelius. Wherever the light traversed, it split the lake in half like a blade cutting through jelly.

“Huh?” Cornelius‘ expression turned grim.

Targeted by the oncoming power, he could only cross his arms and exert all of his true energy to defend against it.

The brilliant white light surged forth like a meteor. It hit Cornelius and his protective true energy


An explosive boom reverberated in the air.

In the next instant, it was like Cornelius was hit by a train. He hurtled a long distance backward, blood spraying from his mouth.

Following the attack, the brilliant white light descended gently. It swayed in the wind.

Unbelievably, it turned out to be a leaf!

A flying leaf capable of inflicting harm from a thousand meters away–that was the power of a grandmaster!

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