Chapter 914

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As soon as Blaise made his move, Cornelius jumped out and threw a punch as well

A layer of true energy cushioned Cornelius‘ fist as it smashed into Blaise’s fiery fist Then, the energy exploded with a bang.

Cornelius‘ body shook for a second before he steadied himself Blaise, however, was pushed back from the impact. Each step he took to stabilize himself created a deep dent in the ground.

It was clear to see who had the upper hand.

“Holy shit! Who’s that old man? He was able to stop the person ranked fifth on The Heavenly Immortals!”

“Incredible! He gained the upper hand against Blaise in a fistfight.”

“Balerno sure has tons of hidden gems. Even a random old man is so strong.”

Many people were shocked by Cornelius‘ ability.

They didn’t expect a scrawny old man to win against Blaise when it came to physical strength. It sure was a rare sight.

“Who the hell are you? How dare you stop me!” Blaise’s face burned in humiliation.

He came here from Oakvale to show off his strength, yet he was shut down almost immediately.

“Nobody important,” Cornelius replied calmly.

“So, you won’t tell me? Alright, then. I’ll pry the answer from your lips today!”

Blaise quickly launched another series of attacks. This time, his target was Cornelius.

“Quake Break!” Blaise began throwing his fists toward Cornelius at an incredible speed. His fists. were so flammable that a slight contact was enough to ignite a fire.

“Such useless tricks.” Cornelius seemed unaffected. He began to counter Blaise’s strikes.

Instead of using brute force, Cornelius‘ moves were gentle.

He skillfully pushed Blaise’s fists aside. It made Blaise’s ferocious attack useless against Cornelius since it was like hitting a ball of cotton.

“Celestial Crush!” Blaise was angry. He gathered Ohis true energy before striking out again.

This time, his punches were much faster and stronger. Still, Cornelius was able to swiftly evade

Blaise’s attacks.

By now, everyone could see that Cornelius was far stronger than Blaise.

Seeing how ineffective his attacks were, Blaise finally yelled, “Frostine, give me a hand!”

Immediately, Frostine drew her sword. Then, she launched herself toward Cornelius.

Her blade was swift and ruthless as she struck out unexpectedly. At the same time, her sword exuded an aura so cold it froze the air it cut past.

Contienus iiowiieu diju Deyani taniny m nigin more seriously

Blaise’s punches were powerful and direct, but Frostine’s strikes took him by surprise. Her attacks would come at various angles.

The two of them combined made them a formidable force, as expected of Ice–Fire Duo

Most Divine–level martial artists would have been defeated by now. However, Cornelius surprised everyone by countering their attacks with ease.

“When did you have someone like that in Balerno, Sir Reeds?” Conrad was surprised

From how Cornelius held up against the Ice–Fire Duo, Conrad figured he must at least be a semi- grandmaster. A master of this caliber should be highly sought after.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.” Ronald shook his head.

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