Chapter 913

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Maggie still remembered how Dustin had beaten her up Now that the man she hated was standing right before her, she could finally have her revenge

“Enough talking. Where’s Sir Augustus?” Dustin’s expression was cold

“Hmph‘ You’ll have to get through me if you want to challenge him!”

Just then, a terrifying aura burst forth from the crowd. Then, a man and a woman jumped over to where the Doyle family was.

The man stood tall and proud with a fiery aura, while the elegant woman gave off an icy air. It was clear that they were polar opposites.

“What are you guys doing here?” Terry was happy to see the new arrivals.

“We heard that you were being bullied, so we came to support you.” The man grinned, while the woman merely nodded in acknowledgment.

“Terry, these two are?” Phil was puzzled.

“Let me introduce them to you, Dad. These are my seniors–Blaise and Frostine. They’re a married couple, and they’re also the famous Ice–Fire Duo on The Heavenly Immortals!” Terry introduced.

“Ice–Fire Duo?” Everyone was stunned.

Ice–Fire Duo ranked fifth and sixth on The Heavenly Immortals. The both of them could individually annihilate their enemies.

But they became more terrifying when they combined their powers. No one weaker than a grandmaster could withstand their attacks.

“I didn’t expect Ice–Fire Duo to be here as well. This sure is a gathering of the strong.”

“And they’re Terry Doyle’s seniors, too. From the look of things, they must be going to help him.”

“Ha, that Rhys bastard is in trouble now!”

The crowd gossiped gleefully.

“I see. That makes you part of our family.” Phil beamed after knowing the couple’s identity.

As a martial arts family, the Doyles naturally submitted to those stronger than them. The couple before them were by far some of the strongest people around.

They had to make sure to get close to them.

“You guys came just in time. Now that you’re here, you can help me get rid of this bastard. We don’t have to dirty Master Augustus‘ hands.” Terry pointed.

“Leave it to me.” Blaise smiled.

He turned to Dustin with a sneer. “Hey, brat! What gives you the right to challenge Master Augustus?”

“Let’s make this clear. He was the one who challenged me, not the other way around,” Dustin

“What?” Blaise’s expression hardened “I dare you to say that again!”

Both statements had the same meaning. However, there was a significant difference when it

came down to who issued the challenge.

Typically, the weak would challenge the strong. Therefore, those who were challenged took pride. in being challenged.

“I said that your mentor is the one who challenged me,” Dustin repeated calmly.

“You’re dead meat, bastard!”

Blaise was furious. He leaped toward Dustin and threw a punch.

Immediately, a ball of fire shot toward Dustin.

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