Chapter 912

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Dustin ignored the profanities Nikki was throwing at him and walked straight ahead.

He had done all that he should. Unfortunately, Nikki was just as stubborn and sickening as the other Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples.

All his help and advice had fallen on deaf ears. It even came back to bite him

There was no saving a woman like that He didn’t have to, either. So, he might as well pretend not to know her at all

“How did it go? Did you get the scripture back?” Just then, Edith and her disciples approached Nikki

Edith has been thinking about the scripture since she lost it last night. So, when Dustin appeared, she immediately ordered Nikki to get it back.

“He wouldn’t hand it over, Madam. He even slapped me,” Nikki whimpered. She covered her aching face with a hand.

“What?” Edith frowned. “Didn’t I tell you to sweet–talk him? What did you do?”

“That’s what I did, but it was useless. He had his guard up against me. I couldn’t get it back,” Nikki moaned.

“You piece of shit, you couldn’t even complete such a simple task!” Edith was irritated. She would have slapped Nikki as well if there weren’t so many eyes on her.

“Madam Edith, since Dustin stole the scripture back, it must be in Zephyr Lodge,” Nikki suddenly said.

“And?” Edith glanced at her.

“This is our chance!” Nikki said.

She lowered her voice, “I’m sure Dustin will lose today’s battle. So, even if he doesn’t die from it, he won’t pose a threat to us anymore. When that time comes, wouldn’t retrieving the scripture from the manor be easy?”

“Hmm… You’re right.” Edith thought about it and nodded.

Then, she said, “Still, there are too many people in Zephyr Lodge. It’ll be difficult for us to sneak around for it.”

“Why would we go through all that trouble? The people in that manor are so weak, we might as well kill all of them to save ourselves the mess.”

A sinister look appeared on Nikki’s face.

“Kill all of them?” Edith raised an eyebrow. “Is that necessary?”

“We’re already enemies, Madam. There’s no need to hold back anymore. We should get rid of every single one of them so that nothing comes back to bite us in the ass.” Nikki’s eyes glinted


wen uone im pieased with your idea. 1ou seem to have many grown up cum sinneu However, there was a hint of wariness in her eyes.

Nikki had always seemed like a harmless baby Edith never imagined that she would have such a malicious side, going as far as to destroy an entire guild.

Even Edith couldn’t help feeling cautious now

The scariest people in the world were those like Nikki, who hid their spiteful intentions behind kind smiles. If Nikki was one of those people, there was a chance she might stab Edith in the back.

“Dustin Rhys!” someone shouted as Dustin neared the lake.

Dustin turned to see the Doyle family walking toward him.

Phil, the head of the family, was leading Terry, Maggie and the other main family members.

“I didn’t think you’d have the guts to accept the challenge,” Phil jeered.

Their family’s reputation was in ruins since Dustin challenged Terry. So, Phil was determined to use this chance and turn things around for the Doyle family.

“The challenge letter was personally handed to me, so how could I embarrass myself by not showing up?” Dustin replied.

“Well, I’d say that embarrassing yourself is much better than dying.” Terry smirked.

He wasn’t worried that Dustin turned up–it was the opposite.

After all, Dustin was doomed to die as long as he showed up. “Today’s the day you die, Rhys!” Maggie hissed.

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