Chapter 917

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The water sphere exploded with a pop Even the fish inside exploded into a bloody mist

“Huh?” Augustus frowned at the unexpected scene

Though he had made a simple attack, it wasn’t an attack an ordinary person could defend against.

“Augustus Kline, your opponent is me Dustin stepped out while shielding Cornelius.

“So you’re Dustin Rhys?”

Augustus gave him a once–over. His gaze was sharp, cold, and imposing. He exuded an air of indifference, resembling a God looking down upon insignificant mortals.

“That would be me.” Dustin was stoic.

“Break your limbs, destroy your core, and apologize to Terry on your knees. That way, I will let you live,” Augustus spat out coldly.

Although his tone was relatively composed, an underlying dominance was unmistakably present.

“Hey, Rhys! Did you hear that? Hurry up and destroy your core, then kneel and apologize! Terry yelled arrogantly.

He wouldn’t pass up the chance to humiliate Dustin. After all, Dustin would be entirely under his control once he lost his cultivation

“Hmph! You’re lucky to be able to keep your pathetic life.” Maggie sneered. She crossed her arms

with disdain.

Augustus was too kind. She would have ended him with a single strike instead.

“We haven’t even started our fight. But you’re already making bold claims. Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?” Dustin said impassively.

“What? You’re still brave enough to challenge me?” Augustus cast Dustin a sidelong glance.

It was just a glance, but a fierce wind roared around them. Even water rippled endlessly.

“No, you’ve got it wrong.” Dustin’s gaze grew increasingly sharp.

“I’m not here to challenge you. I’m here to cripple you!”

His words ignited a frenzy among the crowd.

“What the fuck? Is this guy out of his mind? He actually spoke to Augustus like that?”

“This guy is too naive. He has no idea how terrifying a grandmaster can be!”

“How is he so arrogant at his age? He’s practically asking for death!”

Dustin’s words had caused a tremendous stir among the crowd.

Some admonished him, some sneered at him with disdain, and others sought to add fuel to the


Who did he think Augustus Kline was?

Augustus was a grammmmmier will a presente miliju vou imemtiosimy provoking a suviy nymer like him was essentially asking for death.

“Arrogant brat You must die today! Not even the emperor can save your

Though Augustus was slightly taken aback, he soon erupted in fury. He shot across the air as he

launched a palm strike

In an instant, the lake divided in half, and a surging wave emerged.

A massive pillar of water suddenly shot up into the sky, resembling a giant python. It twisted around twice before crashing down violently on Dustin.

As it passed, a wild wind raged and caused aquatic life to jump out. Even massive trees toppled

The power shown was utterly terrifying.

“Now that you’ve angered Augustus, let’s see if you can survive this!”

Upon seeing this, the disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood gloated openly.

“Hmph! Challenging a grandmaster is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. That guy is digging his

own grave!”

The members of the Doyle family sneered. It was as if they were looking at a corpse.

“A grandmaster should never be insulted. This young man is probably going to meet his end here.” Conrad sighed as he shook his head, feeling regretful.

“This guy has committed endless crimes. He deserves to die!”

The Hill family applauded and cheered. They felt vindicated.

Almost everyone believed that Dustin was sure to be a dead man.

Just as the python–like column of water was about to come crashing down on Dustin, he suddenly


With a quick tap of his toes, he launched himself forward. He turned into a white streak of light as he broke through the “python” and continued toward Augustus.

“Huh?” Augustus‘ expression shifted dramatically.

He unleashed a series of palm strikes, creating numerous water pillars as he tried to stop Dustin. However, the light was unstoppable as it pierced through all the pillars.

Eventually, the light arced through the air. Then, it collided with a tremendous force against Augustus‘ protective true energy barrier.

With a resounding bang, Augustus‘ protective barrier exploded, dissolving into waves of light.

His body was thrown upwards like a kite disconnected from its string. Then, he fell into the lake.

Augustus disappeared from view.

A deathly silence engulfed the scene. Only the sound of water bubbling on the surface of the lake

could be heard.

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