Chapter 908

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The next day, the news had spread far and wide Distin, the genius martial artist, had challenged Augustus, the grandmaster D

The battle was set to happen at the battle ring in Shinefield Lake

Many people were excited to hear about the duel

Ever since Dustin won the Knighthood Society Tournament, all eyes were on him. The attention only became more intense as he became the prime suspect in Paul’s death

People from both alliances caught wind of the duel And now, everyone was eager to watch the battle unfold

By dawn, many martial artists had arrived at Shinefield Lake Most of them came because of


Augustus was a well–known grandmaster. His name was familiar to the people in Balerno.

He had been laying low for the past few years. But it didn’t diminish his fame

After all, grandmasters were extremely rare. Most martial artists could only dream of meeting one

Inside the gazebo by the lake, many important figures had gathered together.

That included Ronald Reeds, the senior members of the alliance, as well as several geniuses. A

few Hill family members were also present.

“Sir Reeds, is the duel really going to happen? Will that guy actually challenge Sir Augustus?” Spring asked.

“Most likely. The Doyle family already issued the challenge. It’ll happen later in the afternoon Shinefield Lake.” Ronald nodded.

His spies had been keeping an eye on Dustin. That was why Ronald knew everything that

happened in Zephyr Lodge.

“Is he crazy? Why would he challenge Sir Augustus?” Spring was confused.

“Hmph! That foolish brat! He better not think he has the right to challenge a grandmaster just because he did okay in the tournament,” Autumn sneered.

Although Dustin was one of the strongest among his peers, he wasn’t a match for someone as strong as Augustus. A grandmaster was on a completely different level.

“Dad, do you think he’s hoping to be killed?” Torben asked.

“Hoping to be killed?” Autumn frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Just think about it. Dustin killed Grandpa and became the alliance’s enemy. He also ingested Septemortis.

“He knows he isn’t going to live long, so today’s his last chance at fame. After all, being kille Sir Augustus will be much better than dying to poison,” Torben explained.

No wonder Dustin had the balls to challenge Augustus He must be hoping to die today

Being killed by a grandmaster was a much more noble way to die It was better than having poison tear him apart from the inside.

“We meet again, Sir Reeds, someone said playfully

Everyone turned and saw Conrad smiling as he walked in with his men

“What brings you here, Su Melling? Ronald was surprised

“I heard about what’s happening There’s no way I’d miss out on the show,” Conrad answered.

He stroked his beard “After all, it’s been years since I watched a duel involving a grandmaster”

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