Chapter 909

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Chapter 909

Conrad never left after Paul passed away After all he was curious to see how Balerno would handle this issue

“Since you seem so interested, why don’t you take seat? Ronald smiled and invited everyone to

Conrad headed straight to the seat next to Ronald and sat down “What do you think will happen during today’s battle. Si Reeds?”

“A fight, of course,” Ronald replied

“You’re a funny man, Sit Reeds Conrad smirked

Then, he said, “From what I heard, Sir Augustus is doing this to avenge his disciple I bet that genius you like will have a hard time today.

“That’s how life is. He’ll have to decide his own fate Ronald was calm.

“Balemo rarely finds a genius like him. Are you sure you can bear to let him go?” Conrad smiler slyly

“He may be a genius, but if he’s a terrible person, he’s nothing more than a nuisance,” Ronald answered swiftly.

“He’s right! That man killed my father. He deserves to die!” Autumn spat.

“Well, we’ll see what happens.” Conrad’s smile deepened. He said nothing more.

He was there solely to enjoy the show. And he couldn’t wait for more internal conflicts within t Balerno martial arts alliance to break out.

“Wow, look at those beautiful women!” someone from the audience shouted suddenly.

Everyone turned to see a group of gorgeous women approaching them, each holding a sword.

They were from Jade Maiden Sisterhood!

“Holy shit! Where did those chicks come from? They’re gorgeous!”

“Looking at their outfit, they should be from Jade Maiden Sisterhood.”

“Jade Maiden Sisterhood? I’ve heard that its disciples only consist of beautiful and talented women. I guess it must be true!”

“I couldn’t be happier to see so many pretty women I’d die a happy man if I could get one of t

as my wife!”

The men were excited by the new arrivals.

Female martial artists were rare, but to see a group of beautiful female martial artists? It v

given that they became the center of attention.

“Brittany, are all Balerno martial artists like this? They’re like disgusting pigs.”

“This tiny place is nothing compared to Oakvale. You should keep your expectations low.”

in all the attention. They enjoyed the boost in their

coayad the anda que pas funding for the man dhe hated

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Frcept for bay avec

After her brutal beating last night her face was a mess. She didn’t dare to show it to anyone

“He’s here one of the Sisterhood & disciples exclaimed

Everyone followed the direction she was pointing and saw a confident figure approaching.

It was Dustin‘

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