Chapter 907

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Ever since Dustin defeated him, Terry had been steadily recovering, biding his time. And now, it was finally time for revenge.

“You’re weaker than you were last time. How are you going to fight me?” Dustin sized up Terry.

Although Terry’s core had been restored, his cultivation was nowhere near what it was before. Now, he was merely a low-level martial artist.

“I never said I would fight you. The one who’s going to fight you is my mentor!” Terry humphed.

“And who’s that?” Dustin asked.

“Listen well. My mentor is the famous Augustus Kline!” Terry declared proudly.

Everyone was shocked.

“What? Augustus Kline? Isn’t he a grandmaster?”

“That’s right! Augustus Kline is well-known in the martial world. He’s one of the five ultimate grandmasters of Balerno!”

“Holy shit! Who the hell is this guy? How did he become Augustus Kline’s disciple?”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples were shocked. They saw grandmasters as beings that resembled God.

The martial world also believed that anyone weaker than a grandmaster was trash.

To grandmasters, strength and status didn’t matter. That was, unless one was a grandmaster.

So, every martial artist in the world wanted to become one. After all, a grandmaster stood higher than anyone else.

“I see. But so what?” Dustin seemed unfazed.

“So what?” Terry was stunned. “Don’t tell me you don’t even know who my mentor is!”

Most people would be scared after hearing Augustus’ name, yet Dustin was oddly calm.

“Does it matter? I’m going to accept his duel anyway,” Dustin replied casually.

“He accepted it?” Everyone was shocked.

“Holy shit! Is he crazy? How could he challenge Augustus Kline?”

“This is a real grandmaster we’re talking about, someone as strong as a god! He must be suicidal to

challenge someone as powerful as that!“

“How foolish!”

Aside from shock, the crowd was also visibly looking down on Dustin. They believed that no matter how strong Dustin was, he would still be beaten into a pulp.

“You sure are reckless!” Terry chuckled coldly.

“Alright, then. Since you seem so eager to die, so be it. Here’s the letter. Catch!”

Me uniew a letter to Dust, wil Cay it idi.

“Alright. You can choose the time and location,” Dustin answered.

Previously, he had challenged Terry to a duel. Now that Terry was returning the favor, he couldn’t

back down.

“Good. We’ll meet at Shinefield Lake tomorrow afternoon,” Terry said.

Then, he sneered. “You better not run away with your tail tucked between your legs!”

With that, Terry left with his men.

“What gave this man the balls to accept Augustus Kline’s duel? He must be crazy!”

“An idiot like him has no idea how scary a grandmaster is. He’ll definitely regret it later!”

“Tomorrow’s going to be interesting.”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples commented in malicious glee. They didn’t think someone ordinary like Dustin could win against a grandmaster.

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