Chapter 903

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“You f*cking a*shole! How dare you hurt me!

“You better f*cking die! Madam Edith, kill him for me!” Brittany screeched.

“What? Didn’t you drug him, Nikki?” Edith narrowed her eyes, displeased.

Only someone stronger than a grandmaster could be unaffected by the drug she made.

“I did. I put the drug in his wine,” Nikki replied.

She was confused as well. She watched Dustin drink the wine earlier, so why was he completely unaffected?

“I was careless.” Edith nodded and drew her sword,

“You must be a genius if you’ve already achieved divinity. However, I love killing geniuses. You’ll have the honor of being killed by me tonight.”

“I might not be the one who dies,” Dustin responded calmly.

“I shall give you a chance now. You can grovel for forgiveness, and I’ll spare you life.”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples were surprised and burst out laughing.

“Hey, are you crazy? Who the hell do you think you are? How could you say something so foolish?” “Stupid man! Madam Edith is a semi-grandmaster. Killing you would be as easy as killing an ant!”.

“How stupid! You’ll meet your end tonight!”

Edith’s disciples sneered at Dustin.

Edith was the head of Jade Maiden Sisterhood and a semi-grandmaster. This made her one of the top martial artists in Oakvale

How hard could it be for someone as strong as her to kill a single man?

“Do you have any idea what you’re saying? What gives you the right to make me grovel?” Edith sniggered.

How dare this young man say such foolish things to her! He must have a death wish!

“Try it if you don’t believe me.” Dustin stood up calmly, his hands empty.

He seemed completely unaffected by Edith.

“I’ll rip you to pieces tonight! Here I come!” Seeing Dustin so calm annoyed Edith.

She lunged forward with her sword outstretched at lightning speed. Her attack was so powerful it took everyone by surprise.

The force shook the tables and the things on in. Even the ground ended up having holes, thanks to her sword.

“Such incredible mastery of the sword!”

As expected of Maui cu ei Skis will ure swoi die so perfect. Anyone wearer udii d grandmaster wouldn’t withstand her attack.”

“Hmph, he should feel honored to be killed by Madam Edith!”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples were excited and in awe of Edith’s skills. They were sure that Dustin would be a dead man tonight since no one had ever been able to withstand Edith’s attack.

“Ha, that’s the end for you, asshole!” Brittany jeered gleefully.

Just as everyone thought the end was certain, Dustin finally made his move.

He reached out to grab Edith’s sword and tightened his grip. The sword split into two with a crack, instantly losing its vicious glow.


Edith was shocked. Before she could comprehend what happened, Dustin made his second move and slapped her.

Like a ball, Edith flew backward and slammed into the wall.

The force was so strong it created a dent, and she ended up stuck on the wall like a painting. Instantly, the entire room went pin-drop silent.

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