Chapter 902

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Nikki staggered toward Dustin with her sword, feeling torn.

However, her sword fell to the ground with a clang before she could reach him.

“I-I can’t do it! I just can’t do it!” Nikki turned around and sobbed, guilt written all over her face.

“You piece of shit!” Pissed, Edith slapped Nikki across the cheek, causing her to fall.

“What use do I have of you when you can’t even kill a man?”

“Madam Edith, she may be unable to do it, but I can!”

Just then, Brittany emerged from the crowd, limping to the front.

She shot Dustin a glare. It was bad enough that he hit her, but she couldn’t stand him being unfazed by her beauty.

“Good. This man is yours to kill.” Edith nodded, pleased. As expected, no one made her as happy as Britanny.

“I bet you never thought you’d end up like this, did you, Dustin?” Brittany sniggered.

She drew her sword and limped toward him. “How dare a shitty, measly man like you defy me! I’ll make sure to castrate you in front of everyone tonight!”

If she couldn’t have him, then nobody would! Since he wasn’t willing to serve her, he might as well lose that part of his.

“Try anything funny, and your other leg is going to disappear as well,” Dustin warned icily.

“Stubborn to the end, eh?” Brittany chuckled.

“Your men have all been drugged. Even that old man is struggling to stay on his feet now. What makes you think you can make it out alive?”

“You can try if you don’t belien remained seated, looking expressionless

“Hmph! That’s nothing but an act. Even if you haven’t lost all strength due to the drug, I’d still be able to kill you easily!” Using her uninjured leg, Brittany jumped toward Dustin with her sword. aimed at his lower body. Her intentions were clear.

“Hmph!” Dustin slammed his hand onto the table, and a fork bounced upward from the force.

With a flick of his wrist, the fork shot forward and pierced Brittany’s knee.

“Aargh!” Brittany screamed, losing her grip on her sword as her body fell forward.

Before she hit the ground, a hand slapped across her face hard. Instantly, she was thrown backward and landed a distance away.


The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples were dumbfounded.

Although Brittany was crippled in one leg, she was still a divine martial artist. With her skills,

They couldn’t understand how she had been beaten instead.


When they registered what had happened, the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples immediately hurried over to check on Brittany.

They forced her to regain consciousness by slapping her face and pressing her pressure points.

However, it was much better when Brittany was unconscious as she began screaming when she woke up to see her bloody knee.

“Aargh! My leg! My leg!” Brittany wailed, her face twisting in pain.

As she was babied all her life, getting a minor cut was enough for her to demand a doctor, much less losing a leg.

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