Chapter 904

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Those from Jade Maiden Sisterhood were astonished as they stared at Edith.

They couldn’t believe that Edith, who was the head of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood, a semi- grandmaster, and one of the best sword arts martial artists, had been defeated by Dustin with a single move.

There was no way this was real.

“Madam Edith lost? H-how is that possible?”

“M-my eyes must be playing tricks on me. There’s no way she would lose!”

“Why? How did things turn out this way?”

There was an uproar as the disciples struggled to accept that their invincible leader had lost.

“Who … who are you?” Letitia was aghast.

Although Edith had been injured, she was still much stronger than most.

“You caused a ruckus in my territory, yet you ask who I am?” Dustin’s expression was murderous.

“That’s impossible! You’re no match for Madam Edith! You must have used one of your tricks!”

“How dare that shameless bastard use tricks on Madam Edith! He’s disgusting!”

Edith’s disciples began yelling.

The battle had happened too quickly, so they assumed that Dustin must have used an underhanded technique to win.

They also factored in Edith’s injury as one of the causes of her loss. This made them look down on Dustin even more.

Loose rocks clattered to the floor as Edith began to regain consciousness.

She shook her head as she felt dizzy and her cheeks burning. She opened her mouth and spat out several broken teeth, looking messy.

“How dare you hurt me!” Edith seethed through gritted teeth.

She had never been so humiliated, and her reputation had been ruined.

“You’re dead, asshole! And so is your family! I’ll tear you to pieces!” Edith shrieked as she pounced. toward him like a mad woman.

At that moment, she no longer cared about her image; she only wanted to kill Dustin.

“Fool!” Dustin sneered.

He shot forward and gripped Edith’s neck before slamming her into the floor.

With a bang, Edith’s body created a dent in the floor’s surface, and she spat out blood.

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The force pushed her face to one side as two more teeth flew out.

While her head was spinning, Dustin sat on top of her and repeatedly slapped her face.

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