Chapter 896

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All attention was fixed on Brittany Cloude at this pivotal moment.

The Jade Girl Sutra held immense significance for the Jade Girl Palace.

Dustin’s condition was a retaliatory strike, demanding that Brittany Cloude’s leg be reciprocally injured.

A vital stipulation was that Edith must execute this herself.


Nikki was about to intervene, but Dustin’s raised hand halted her, gaze steady on Edith. “Master of the White House, what say you?”

“Brittany Cloude is my foremost disciple. As her master, I cannot inflict harm upon her,” Edith firmly declared.

“Then, the Jade Girl Classic holds no allure for you?” Dustin’s brows arched.

“Of course, I am intrigued. Yet, I shall not comply with your demands.”

Edith’s chin lifted slightly, her tone resolute. “To be plain, I must petition for the Jade Maiden Sutra; furthermore, as Brittany’s mentor, it is incumbent upon me to safeguard her. Now, I command you to relinquish the Jade Maiden Sutra to me. By doing so, I shall pardon your prior impertinence. If not, anticipate a less civil reception!”

Upon hearing this, Dustin’s annoyance was palpable, transformed into an outright laugh.

Fine promises were made earlier, yet in the blink of an eye, they were reneged upon.

And the words were wielded with an overtly domineering attitude, a blatant threat.

“I must concede, I gravely underestimated your audacity. Your boldness has surprised even me,” Dustin shook her head, amusement in her voice.

Encounters with the audacious were not unfamiliar, yet this level of brazenness was truly unique.

“Outrageous! How dare you malign the Palace Master? Your cowardice knows no bounds!”

“To affront the Master is to court death! Your death wish is evident!”

Indignant voices erupted from within the Jade Girl Palace’s assembly.

Some even unsheathed their swords, poised for imminent action.

“Young man! Are you aware of the gravity of your words?”

Edith’s countenance darkened.

Had it not been for the Jade Girl Sutra’s importance, the words spoken just now might have incurred a capital punishment.

“Your lot speaks like a gust of wind, uncaring for dignity. Your words, why should they concern me?” Dustin retorted with a sneer. “Young man! My patience has its limits. Surrender the Jade Girl Scripture forthwith, and your life may be spared!” Edith’s patience waned.

“I shall never surrender the Jade Girl Sutra to you. Furthermore, I intend to break your senior disciple’s leg right before your eyes!” Dustin’s tone held a dominance that brooked no resistance.

She had shown restraint at every turn, but with persistence of provocation, she now had little recourse but to employ force.

“Do you hold the capability? Do you dare?” Edith’s disbelief was evident.

“Indeed! And you? What standing do you possess to act so audaciously?” Brittany Cloude retorted.

With her Master’s support, she was now fearless.

“Cornilius, fracture both of her legs.”

Dustin eschewed further discourse, issuing her directive outright.


Cornilius grinned maliciously, lunging forward with sudden swiftness.

His patience had long worn thin.

This band of insubordinate women had not only repaid kindness with trouble, but now openly defied Master Dustin, entertaining notions of brute acquisition.

A stern lesson was imperative to curb their delusions of grandeur.

“Inviting death!”

Upon Cornilius’s action, Edith’s gaze chilled; she advanced in a rapid stride, delivering a palm strike.

Swiftly, a gale arose, billowing dust and debris.


Cornilius displayed no fear, a single-handed punch poised to meet Edith’s advance head-on.

A resounding crash resided in their collision.

Cornilius staggered back a dozen paces, blood roiling and arms tingling from the impact.

Conversely, Edith recoiled three steps, her pallor markedly ashen.

Assessment of the outcome lent credence to Edith’s superior strength.

“The Palace Mistress reigns supreme!” “Master’s prowess is astonishing!”

Jade Girl Palace disciples rejoiced, faces alight with glee.

“Hearty laughter… Old fool, audacious enough to challenge my Master! You’ve overstepped your bounds!”

Brittany Cloude guffawed, triumphant.

Yet even as she concluded, Edith expelled a spurt of blood, crumpling to the brink of collapse.


“Palace Mistress!”

A startled chorus ensued as concerned hands propped up Edith’s tottering form.

Though her might exceeded, an old internal injury flared anew, this touch of palms rekindling her ailment.

“Desist, cease!”

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