Chapter 897

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Brittany dashed forward urgently and implored, “Master! Your internal injuries haven’t properly healed yet, so you mustn’t push yourself!”


Edith’s face flushed with anger and humiliation, and she swiftly struck Nikki across the cheek, berating, “If it hadn’t been for that wretched scroll you handed me, driving me to madness, I wouldn’t be in this state!”

“No, it wasn’t me…”

Nikki shielded her face, shaking her head frantically.

“Don’t you dare come up with excuses!”

Edith’s voice grew sharp, “Let me ask you, why does that lad possess the Jade Girl Scripture? Did you secretly give it to him? You’re a traitor!”

“No… I didn’t.”

Nikki vehemently denied it.

“Absolutely, Nikki! You handed the master the cursed scroll but presented the genuine treasure to this foul man. You’re lower than a dog!”

“I believed in your loyalty, yet you’ve revealed your heartlessness through this betrayal of our master!”

“Don’t pretend any longer, your hypocrisy is sickening!”

At this juncture, every disciple of the Jade Girl Palace erupted in angry condemnation.

From their perspective, it seemed obvious that Nikki and Dustin had collaborated to purloin the authentic Jade Girl Scripture.

They deemed her deserving of punishment!

“Please, it’s all a terrible misunderstanding!”

Nikki attempted to clarify, but her words fell on disbelieving ears.

She had now become the object of collective censure.

“Cornelius, quit dawdling and shatter that woman’s leg.”

Dustin’s demeanor turned cold, his finger pointed at Brittany Cloud.


Cornelius complied, stepping forward, his foot connecting with Brittany Cloud’s knee.


The sound resonated crisply as Brittany Cloud’s knee twisted in an unnatural direction, fracturing instantly. “Ah–!”

Brittany Cloud’s scream reverberated; she staggered and crumpled to the ground, writhing in agony.

Sweat streamed down her face.

“Halt! Harm my apprentice again, and I shall see you dead, without a place for burial!”

Edith bellowed furiously, brandishing her sword, the blade hovering dangerously close to Nikki’s throat, “Take another reckless step, and I shall slay her on the spot!”

Observing this, Cornelius hesitated and froze.


Nikki stood transfixed, disbelief in her eyes.

“White House’s master, you’re willing to go this far with your most loyal apprentice?”

Dustin’s gaze narrowed slightly.

“Hmph! I dismissed her from the ranks of apprentices long ago; she’s no concern of mine!” Edith’s tone remained frosty.

As she spoke, her grip on the sword remained unwavering.

The blade’s keen edge grazed Nikki’s skin, a trickle of blood trickling down her neck.

“Why? Why would you do this?”

“Master, what have I done to deserve this treatment from you?”

Nikki’s tears flowed uncontrollably.

She had prided herself on her loyalty, diligence, and unwavering obedience to her master’s commands.

Yet she never fathomed a day where her own mentor would hold her hostage.

“Silence!” Edith’s voice was venomous, “What are you? How can you compare to Brittany Cloud?”

“So, to protect Senior Sister, you’d be willing to sacrifice me?”

Nikki’s voice trembled in disbelief.

“Hmph! If safeguarding Brittany Cloud requires your sacrifice, what value do you possess? You’re merely a pet I’ve raised!” Edith’s response held no veneer of courtesy.

The words struck Nikki like a bolt of lightning.

Her legs gave way, and with a hollow thud, she collapsed to the ground, her face pallid.

In that moment, she felt utterly defeated.

Never could she have foreseen her master’s cruelty, a complete disregard for her life and well-being.

Could it truly be that her dedication amounted to so little?

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