Chapter 895

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“Hold on!”

At that moment, Nikki abruptly dashed out, positioning herself between the two figures. “There’s a bit of a mix-up, let’s take a seat and have a calm conversation, no need for any rash actions.”

“Step aside! This doesn’t concern you!” Edith’s gaze bore intensity.

“Nikki, Dustin saved your life today; you can’t repay kindness with retaliation!” Nikki’s voice quivered with urgency.

“Shut it! Who invited you to voice an opinion here?” Edith’s irritation kindled into anger, the public exposure by her own disciple causing an awkward moment.

“White House Master, for Nikki’s sake, I’m granting you one more chance.”

Dustin’s tone remained cool. “If you break Brittany Cloude’s leg, I’ll be willing to forget everything that happened today.”

“Nonsense! You think just ’cause you say it, it should happen? Who do you reckon you are?” Brittany Cloude retorted vehemently.

“Young man, have you been taking the wrong medicine? Why would I dance to your tune?” Edith’s incredulous expression matched her words.

“Why though?”

Dustin took a deliberate stride forward, annunciating loudly. “Because I possess the authentic Jade Girl Scripture, that’s why.”

“The Jade Girl Scripture?!”

This proclamation jolted the crowd into an uproar.

A collective reaction of astonishment and covetousness pervaded the surroundings.

The Jade Maiden Scripture stood as the sect’s most treasured artefact. Those who mastered its martial arts were destined for unparalleled ascent!

“Young man! Is this the truth you’re telling?”

Edith’s pupils contracted, a mixture of hope and skepticism painting her features.

The Jade Girl Scripture she’d obtained previously was only half the text, woefully incomplete, driving her to madness upon practice.

What she desperately needed now was the remaining half to complete the Jade Girl Scripture, thus surmounting the master level.

“I assure you, my words are honest. If you break her leg, I might just consider showing it to you.” Dustin spoke with nonchalance.

“Master! Don’t lend an ear to his deceit! He’s clearly spinning a web of lies!”

Brittany Cloude panicked, genuinely afraid that her master might act on impulse and break her leg.

“Young man, baseless words hold no weight. First, produce the Jade Girl Scripture, let’s verify.” Edith’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Once you’ve substantiated your claim, I’ll entertain your proposition to break this turncoat’s leg.”

“Is it that challenging to prove?”

Dustin approached a female disciple, lightly hooking his toe onto his waist’s sword hilt.


The sword was drawn.

Balancing it single-handedly, Dustin elegantly executed a sequence of sword techniques.

Graceful yet lethal, these sword maneuvers danced between elegance and potency.

Dazzling and captivating.

“Did you recognize it?”

Following the routine, Dustin raised his hand, the sword re-sheathing with a metallic clang.

“The Jade Maiden Sword Technique! So it is the Jade Maiden Sword Technique!”

Edith’s eyes ignited as she caught on, her breath turning shallower.

The Jade Maiden Sword Technique was a distinctive component of the Jade Maiden Scripture. She’d witnessed her master employing it on one occasion, an enigmatic and profound skill without equal.

Unexpectedly, here and now, she bore witness to it again.

This unequivocally indicated the possession of the Jade Girl Scripture by the other party.

“Now that you’ve identified it, things get easier.”

Dustin shifted his gaze, his words chilled. “At present, I demand you break her legs personally!”

Brittany Cloude’s complexion drained of color upon hearing this statement.

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