Chapter 894

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Upon spotting Brittany Cloude, Dustin couldn’t help but knit his brows: “What brings you here? Weren’t you expelled already?”

“If Nikki can return to the school, so can I. What do you think? Astonished, are you?”

Brittany Cloude folded her arms, a trace of sarcasm gracing her features.

Even though the other party schemed in every way possible, it couldn’t quite match a single word from my master.

“I don’t require a logical explanation.”

Dustin turned his gaze towards Letitia, questioning her.

“Young man, I acknowledge that you healed the injury of the palace lord, and we even rewarded you with five billion – quite a bargain for your services, don’t you think? You should be content,” Letitia remarked casually.

Her aged countenance held a sense of tranquility, devoid of any trace of shame.

“Money is money, and promises are promises. Once you’ve agreed to terms, you ought to honor your commitments. After all, Jade Maid Palace is a well-regarded and honorable family. Is this how you conduct matters?” Dustin’s tone was frosty.

“Who cares if we go back on our word? What’s it to you about our Jade Girl Palace!” Brittany Cloude retorted with a cold snort.

“Exactly! We do as we please; you have no say in the matter!” echoed the chorus of voices.

Their domineering stance demonstrated they didn’t take Dustin seriously in the least.

“I hadn’t anticipated that everyone within the Jade Maiden Palace would possess such virtues – being deceitful and unpredictable. Truly, shame is a concept foreign to you!” Dustin sneered.

“Young man, you’d do well to mind your words!” Letitia’s irritation was palpable.

Being rebuked publicly, it’s only natural to feel somewhat embarrassed.

“Very well, I shan’t engage in banter with you. Your shamelessness aside, you must provide an explanation for today’s altercation!” Dustin’s expression remained stern.

He had lent a helping hand, but in return, one of the gang’s disciples ended up injured by the Jade Girl Palace.

Naturally, this was a grievance he couldn’t swallow.

“Explanation? Hmph! Who do you think you are, daring to demand explanations from the Jade Girl Palace?”

At that moment, Edith emerged from the infirmary, moving deliberately.

In contrast to earlier, her complexion held a healthy flush, brimming with vitality; she bore an air of regal pride, a figure unattainable.

“Head of the White House, your eldest disciple is haughty and overbearing. Shouldn’t you offer an explanation to the one who was struck?” Dustin narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Brittany Cloude had her reasons for the confrontation.” Edith appeared unaffected. “Furthermore, even without reason, so what? A few insignificant, noxious males deserve a beating when beaten. What’s the fuss?”


Hearing this, Dustin’s brows creased involuntarily: “Head of the White House, are you truly that unreasonable?”

He had assumed Edith might at least utter a few words, perhaps an apology of sorts.

Instead, not only did she refrain from yielding, but she held her head high, as if the aggrieved party were the first to lament.


Edith emitted a chilly snort: “Reason lies with my palace lord! Whether it’s the ones who struck you or those you’ve slain, what difference will it make?”

“Indeed! It’s an honor for Miss Ben to be the one to strike them! Even death is too good for them!” Brittany Cloude raised her chin, oozing arrogance.

Two master and apprentice, one unyielding and the other overbearing.

A match made in heaven.

“I finally apprehend why disciples of the Jade Maiden Palace are so devoid of integrity. It turns out the leaders themselves lack rectitude; the example from above is crooked. You’re nothing more than a pack of wolves!” Dustin’s gaze grew colder with each word.


“How dare you!”

The disciples of the Jade Girl Palace bristled instantly.

Their righteous fury was evident, coupled with an undercurrent of murderous intent.

When had they endured such humiliation?

This was tantamount to having one’s finger pointed at them while being cursed.

“Young man! Are you seeking death?” Edith’s expression darkened, a glint of murder in her eyes.

“It remains uncertain who courts death here. You’ve provoked me, none among you shall depart unscathed today!” Dustin retorted, his demeanor frigid.

“Seize him!” Edith’s voice boomed, laced with anger.

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