Chapter 893

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“Take care, refrain from engaging in foolish actions henceforth, let’s reconvene later.”

With a simple parting, Dustin Rhys finally turned and departed.

Seemingly as destiny intended, it appeared that the intertwining of their paths had truly concluded.

“Mother, that gentleman just now seemed quite peculiar, have I crossed paths with him in the past?”

Observing Dustin’s retreating figure, Dahlia knitted her brows slightly.

The man gave her a sense of familiarity, yet her memory held no recollection of him.

“I’ve not encountered him before, he’s a mere insurance peddler, what business have you concerning him? Be a good girl, lie down, and recuperate,” Cornelius replied, his tone dismissive.

“Yes, cousin, you barely survived a car accident moments ago, and you’re still well enough to contemplate such matters. Rein in your imagination,” Julie concurred.

In their viewpoint, Dahlia’s dismissal of Dustin was a cause for celebration.


Dahlia nodded, her thoughts only slightly preoccupied. She didn’t delve deeper into it.

En route back, Dustin’s emotions grew somewhat complex.

For the pair of them, this outcome was relatively acceptable.

However, for reasons unclear to him, his heart failed to find joy.

Perhaps, remnants of his former sentiments for Dahlia still lingered.

Nonetheless, he believed these lingering feelings would gradually disperse over time.

Twilight descended.

As Dustin drove back to Fengyun Villa, he coincidentally encountered Edith in a state of urgency.

“Master Dustin! You’ve returned at an opportune moment; the women from Jade Maid Palace are causing a ruckus once more!”

At the sight of Dustin, Edith promptly greeted him.

“What’s the matter?”

Dustin was puzzled.

“Just earlier, some of our lads had a run-in with Jade Maid Palace’s crew. They’re all nursing broken legs now. Those women are getting bolder!” Edith’s ire was evident. “Daring to resort to violence on our turf? Come, let’s have a look.”

Dustin’s brow furrowed slightly, then he took Edith along, heading straight to the infirmary.

After tending to Edith’s injuries and advising her to rest for a couple of days, he hadn’t anticipated further disturbances so swiftly.

This lot of women was truly becoming a sizeable nuisance.

In this moment, just outside the infirmary’s entrance.

The killian gang of Dustin members lay on the floor, wailing in agony, each having suffered a fractured leg.

The Jade Maid Palace disciples encircling them bore an air of arrogance and disdain.

“Hmph! With such pitiable strength, they dare challenge Jade Maid Palace? Their audacity knows no bounds!”

“Proceed! Eject the lot of them!”

In obedience to the order, killian gang of Dustin members with broken limbs were forcefully expelled.

A crescendo of cries filled the air.


Dustin intervened, his expression stern. “You are truly audacious to behave so recklessly within these walls!”

Upon spotting Edith trailing behind him, the Jade Maid Palace disciples distanced themselves, visibly apprehensive.

“Master Dustin! Your arrival is long overdue!”

“These women are haughty and overbearing, resorting to violence at the slightest disagreement. Their insolence knows no bounds!”

killian gang of Dustin members with broken legs wasted no time in filing their complaints.

“What’s the story behind this?” Dustin inquired, his face stern.

“Just moments ago, a lady intruded into the villa. We tried to restrain her, but she was unyielding, broke our legs outright, and showered us with a barrage of insults!” One killian gang member replied, his frustration palpable.

“Who? Who dares lay a hand on a member of my killian gang?!”

Dustin’s gaze swept across the crowd, his eyes penetrating.

“It was me!”

At this juncture, a striking woman emerged from the midst of the group.

Her countenance held arrogance, her gaze oozing with contempt as she assumed an air of superiority. It was none other than Brittany Cloude, previously expelled from the school!

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