Chapter 889

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“Saving her is easy. But who is she to me? Why should I save her?” Dustin asked.

“Young man, if you save Edith, we will forget about all past grudges!” Letitia coaxed. Besides, I will let you choose one of our disciples as your wife if you wish.”

“I have no interest in any of you from the Jade Maiden Sisterhood. If you want me to save Madam Parker, I have three conditions,” Dustin said.

“What are your conditions?” Letitia squinted at him.

“First, I shall be paid 50 billion.” Dustin raised a finger.

“Fifty billion? That’s outrageous!” Brittany was angered.

“Then I guess we do not have a deal.” Dustin left them no room to negotiate.

“Alright, alright. Fifty billion it is!” Letitia nodded.

Money was not important. As long as Madam Edith was alive, they could always make more.

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood lacked no rich men fawning over them.

“Second, Nikki Horst returns to the Jade Maiden Sisterhood.” Dustin raised another finger.

“That wouldn’t be a problem.” Letitia agreed readily. That wasn’t a big deal for her.

“Third, get rid of this wench from the sisterhood, and never take her in again!” Dustin pointed at Brittany.


The crowd was in an uproar at Dustin’s words. None of them had expected such a condition from him.

Brittany was the lead disciple of the sisterhood. She was meant to be Madam Edith’s successor!

If she was driven out, who would be the one to take her place?

“You … you … you’ve gone overboard!”

After she got over the initial shock, Brittany fumed. “You horrid man! How dare you drive a wedge between us? I’ll slice you up!”

Dustin didn’t respond to her. His gaze was fixed on Letitia. “These are my conditions. If you agree to all three, I’ll help Madam Parker.”

There were two reasons why he requested for Brittany to be kicked out. First, because he hated her, and second, in consideration of Nikki.

With Brittany still in the sisterhood, Nikki would have a tough time ahead.

“I can agree to the first two conditions, young man. But your third request is a little too much. “Letitia frowned.

Brittany was Edith’s favorite disciple. How could they just kick Brittany out like that?

“If that’s asking for too much, why don’t you go back and consider a bit more? Come back

again when you’ve decided. Of course, we never know how much longer Madam Parker can live.

With that said, Dustin turned around and walked back in.

“Just a second!” Letitia’s expression changed.

“I agree! I agree to your conditions!” she shouted.

“Have you gone mad, Madam Letitia?”

Brittany leaped up when she heard what Letitia said. “The bastard wants you to drive me out of the sisterhood, and you’re going to do as he says?”

“Edith’s life is at stake. As her lead disciple, should you not be a good example to the rest? This is a test of your loyalty!” Letitia said.


“No buts!”

Brittany wanted to say more but was cut off by Letitia.

“I will do anything to keep Edith alive! Even if the price I have to pay is to break my limbs, I will do it! Having you kicked out is the least of my concerns!”

Brittany paled. She looked like she had just been struck by lightning.

She honestly never thought that this was what things would come to. How could she, the favorite disciple, become the sacrificial lamb?

“Dustin, this isn’t too nice, is it?” Nikki’s brows furrowed slightly. She couldn’t bear to see Brittany being kicked out.

“What’s not nice about it? I’m doing this for you.

“You should know she didn’t bat an eyelash when she accused and whipped you last night. Are you going to stand up for her?” Dustin asked coldly.

“-“Nidd was left speechless.

Dustin turned to look at her and said, “An advice to you: Never play the saint. Nothing good

will ever come of it.”

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