Chapter 890

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“What are you doing still standing there? Get lost!” Letitia shouted at her impatiently.

Brittany seemed to wake up from a trance. She glared at Dustin as she pointed a finger at him.” You… you wretched bastards! Curse you!”

“Throw her out!” Letitia didn’t want to deal with her anymore.

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples dragged Brittany away on Letitia’s orders. If she stayed longer, she might anger Dustin with her nasty words.

That would be terrible for them.

“I’ve driven her out of the sisterhood now, young man. Will you save Edith now?” Letitia asked after getting rid of Brittany.

“Pay up first,” Dustin reminded.

“Sure.” Letitia dared not wait any longer. She immediately transferred all the money she had to Dustin.

Once the transaction was completed, Dustin nodded reluctantly.

Under his orders, his men brought the unconscious Edith into the infirmary.

After renovating Zephyr Lodge, it now had all sorts of facilities. From infirmaries to sparring halls and libraries, they had it all.

To not be disrupted, Dustin only brought Nikki into the infirmary. The rest of the disciples. were locked out.

Time passed in the blink of an eye. Very soon, it was already noon.

Letitia and the rest of the disciples waited outside the infirmary anxiously. Some of them paced around, looking tense.

“They’ve already been in there for so long. Why aren’t we hearing anything from them yet? Could anything have happened to Madam Edith?”

“Hey! Watch your mouth! Madam Edith will pull through! She’s going to be alright!”

“I’m just worried. Can that rascal treat Madam Edith’s injuries? What if he’s just a scammer? We’ll suffer a great loss then!”

Every one of them fell silent.

Soon, the infirmary door opened. Dustin walked out slowly, wiping his hands.

“How did it go? Is Edith fine now?” Letitia asked worriedly.

The rest of them waited for an answer with bated breaths.

“She’s awake now. She should be fine after a few days‘ rest,” Dustin told them.

“That’s great!‘

They all shared looks of delight and rushed in to check on Edith. As expected, they found her awake. Though a little pale, she appeared to be fine.

“Madam Edith!”

They all called out to her and pushed at each other to glimpse Edith. They began to ask her how she was feeling and if she was fine, being thoughtful and caring for her.

“Thank you, Dustin.” Nikki looked at him with appreciation as she walked out of the infirmary. She had seen the entire process of how he had treated Edith, and it was amazing.

His acupuncture skills were exceptional. Though Nikki knew little about it, she could tell he was skilled.

Who would have known that Dustin would have such brilliant medical skills at such a young age? She had truly underestimated him.

“You’re welcome. Take good care of Madam Parker. I hope she remembers the kindness you’ve shown her.” Dustin flashed her a gentle smile before turning to leave.

He had spent a lot of true energy treating Edith. That caused the Septemortis within him to work up even faster, so he had to return to his room to rest.

That afternoon, as Dustin was meditating, his phone suddenly rang. It was Florence.

The moment he answered the call, a loud voice began shouting at him through the phone. Rhys! You beast! What on earth have you done? Dahlia attempted suicide because of you!” “What? Suicide?”

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