Chapter 888

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With a crisp, loud smack, Brittany was sent flying. She spun in the air before crashing heavily to the ground.

When she opened her mouth, two of her teeth fell out. Her nose was bleeding, too.

For a split second, a deathly silence came over the place.

All the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples gaped in horror. They looked like they’d just seen a ghost.

Never in their dreams had they expected a man to hit Brittany so hard that she was sent flying, and not after she had kissed him!

That was Brittany-the most seductive and alluring charmer among them all! She was a great beauty; countless talented young men fought for her attention.

Even men from elite and prominent backgrounds admired her!

She was used to men fawning and bending backward for her. None of them ever showed their temper or said anything mean to her.

Dustin was unhappy after getting a kiss from Brittany, and he even slapped her!

How dare he do something like that? Was he out of his mind?

“You-you hit me?” Brittany scrambled to get back on her feet.

Her head was still spinning. Disbelief was written all over her swollen and flushed face.

She was Brittany Cloude-the lead disciple of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood. She was a goddess! How could a man have hit her?

Had it not been for the stinging pain on her cheek, she would have thought this was all just a nightmare!

“So what if I hit you? You disgust me!” Dustin wiped his face over and over again. He looked extremely displeased.

“Damn it! Her breath stinks!” he thought to himself.

“I disgust you?” Brittany’s face contorted with anger.

She was a goddess admired by all! When had she ever been embarrassed by a man? He was too


“Ahh! I’ll kill you!” Brittany yelled in frustration. Pulling out her sword, she was ready to charge at Dustin.

But Letitia held her back. “Don’t act rashly! Set your priorities straight!”

“The bastard humiliated me. I swear I won’t let him off!” Brittany spat through clenched jaws.

“Edith is in danger. You can’t act recklessly. Besides, he has an expert guarding him. You can’t hurt him!” Letitia warned.

Brittany huffed angrily, her eyes bloodshot. She looked like she could tear him up into pieces. It was one thing to be slapped. But he even called her disgusting! That was utter humiliation! But as Edith’s life was on the line, she had no choice but to swallow her anger.

According to her understanding, men who weren’t interested in her had erectile dysfunction. “Brittany!” Nikki appeared just as things were about to get ugly.

She became worried when her gaze fell on Edith, unconscious on the stretcher.

“You’ve come at the right time, Nikki.”

A thought struck Letitia, and she quickly pulled Nikki aside. “Edith has suffered from severe internal injuries. We need Dustin’s help.

“Since you’re on good terms with him, you should persuade him to help her.”

“Dustin?” Nikki was surprised. She turned to look at him. “Can you save Madam Edith?”

She thought he had just been trying to comfort her last night. She hadn’t expected those from the Jade Maiden Sisterhood to come to him for help.

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