Chapter 881

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“Considering that this is Natasha’s first offense, and she has shown timely remorse, we can spare her from physical punishment.”

However, Trent suddenly added, “But the family has suffered significant losses, and you must make amends.

“Here’s the deal: if you hand over the formula to Immortunol, I’ll forget today ever happened.

“The formula to Immortunol?”

Natasha furrowed her brows and refused immediately, “Never!”

She hadn’t committed any crime. They had only given in to alleviate the situation.

She couldn’t believe they were pushing their luck and targeting the formula to Immortunol. Their greed knew no limits!

They knew that the formula was an invaluable treasure. Even if Natasha gave up all her assets, she could still make a fresh start as long as she possessed the formula.

“Natasha Harmon! Uncle Trent is giving you a chance. Don’t be ungrateful!” Dylan shouted.

“Hmph! You’ll face our house law if you don’t hand over the formula. Let’s see how you fare then!” Kate looked at her maliciously.

Immortunol had become a sought–after product in the high–end medical aesthetics market. It was known as a medicine that was hard to obtain.

Besides, its annual profit per year was at least several hundred billion. Who wouldn’t want it?

“I won’t give it up even if you kill me, not to mention enforcing the house law!” Natasha was fearless.

“Very well! You brought this upon yourself!”

Kate’s gaze turned icy. “Take her away! Give her 80 strokes of the cane!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Several guards stepped forward immediately, ready to grab Natasha.

Since Hector’s power and authority were diminishing, Natahsa naturally lost her influence too.

“Who dares!”

Just as the guards were about to take action, a shadow barged in, kicking several guards aside. The newcomer was none other than Dustin. Following closely behind was a breathless Ruth.

“Why are you here?” Natasha lit up when she saw Dustin.

Her anxiety finally eased. It was like she had found a source of support.

“Ruth said you were in trouble, so I came to check on you.

“How are you? Are you hurt?” Dustin was concerned.

“I’m fine, but my dad got three stabs,” Natasha replied truthfully.

“Mr. Harmon?”

Dustin turned to Hector. When he noticed him bleeding from his abdomen, he frowned.

“Who did this?” he bellowed.

“No one. I did it to myself.” Hector shook his head.

“What?” Dustin was taken aback.

What went on that led to him stabbing himself?

“This is what happened…” Natasha didn’t hide anything and briefly recounted the events.

After hearing her explanation, Dustin’s gaze hardened.

They accused his woman, forced Hector to step down, and were about to enforce the house law. These people deserved a beating.

“Rhys! What happened today has nothing to do with you. I’m warning you not to get involved, or you’ll face the consequences!” Kate shouted.

“Anything that happens to Natasha has everything to do with me! If you dare touch her, you should be ready to suffer!”

Dustin stood firmly in front of Natasha, his tone authoritative.

“You son of bitch! Show some respect! Take a look around and see who’s in charge now!” Kate threatened.

She had held back when Hector was still in charge. But now that her father had become the family head, her authority had also risen.

“I couldn’t care less about the Harmons. Just know that Natasha is my woman.

“I’m taking her away safely today. Stop me if your


As Dustin stepped forward, an overwhelming aura came from him. He emitted an aura of dominance.

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