Chapter 882

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Natasha felt butterflies in her stomach as she basked in Dustin’s domineering presence.

His glare was sharp. They were intense and fiery. She felt pleased to be protected by the man she loved.

“You son of bitch! It seems you won’t understand how powerful we are until we teach you a lesson!”

Kate erupted into anger as she yelled, “Take him away!”

As soon as she spoke, a dozen Harmon family guards charged forward. Each of them exuded murderous intent as they approached with sharp gazes.

“The audacity!”

Before Dustin could act, Cornelius had transformed into a ghostly shadow and shot across the heads of the crowd. With a graceful backflip, he landed confidently in front of the guards.

A loud explosion was heard as he launched a palm strike from a distance. A powerful divine aura surged like a wave, knocking over the guards to the ground.

The lingering force became a fierce gust of wind, forcing the rest of the Harmons to stagger backward. They couldn’t keep their eyes open.

As the wind subsided, all their guards were lying on the ground with severe injuries. They coughed up blood.

“What?” Everyone was shocked at Cornelius‘


Nobody expected an unimposing, frail old man to have such formidable skills.

It was frightening that he could defeat numerous elite guards with just one move.

“W–who are you?” Kate shrunk back involuntarily, scared.

“I’m nobody worth mentioning.” Cornelius spat out coldly.

Although he appeared thin, like a stick, nobody dared look down on him then.

He had manifested true energy externally. In other words, the old man was a formidable divine

-level martial artist!

“Old man, I don’t care who you are. Get lost immediately! You have no right to meddle in the affairs of the Harmons!” Kate yelled.

She was not only the patriarch’s daughter. She was also Tyler’s fiance. Her standing in the family was second to no one.

“I’m not interested in the affairs of your family. But if you dare lay a hand on Sir Rhys, I will

break your necks!” Cornelius warned coldly.

“How dare you!” Kate glared at him.

“Do you know who you’re talking to? Do you know who my fiance is?

“You must be seeking death to be making a scene here!”

“My life is worthless since I’m old. If I die, so be it. But it’ll be worth it if I can exchange my life for yours before I die,” Cornelius said seriously.

“Y–you!” Kate’s eyelids twitched as she took several steps back. She put more distance between herself and Cornelius.

She was afraid of facing someone so fearless and crazy.

“Old man, you’re not young anymore. Is it worth risking your life like this?”

Just then, Dylan suddenly stepped forward. He had an arrogant expression, and his sharp gaze held disdain.

As a divine–level martial artist and a high–ranking commander of the Dark Panther Calvary, he had confidence in his abilities.

The weak martial artists in the martial world were powerless against him.

“Dylan, that old man has some skills. You need to be careful.” Kate warned.

“Don’t worry, Kate. Dealing with an old guy like him who’s already one step away from his grave is easy for me,” Dylan said with pride.

“Very well, let’s cripple him first. Then we’ll deal with Dustin,” Kate said with a sinister smile.

“Old man, I’ll give you a chance to kneel and beg for mercy from me. Then, you might still be able to keep your pathetic life.

“Otherwise, once I make a move, there won’t be a trace of you left!” Dylan threatened.

“Bring it on, brat.” Cornelius gestured with his hand and remained impassive.

“Go to hell!” Dylan seethed in anger.

With a light jump, he shot forward like an arrow.

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