Chapter 880

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“What? You’re stepping down as the family head?” Hector’s words caused the crowd to panic.

Since he became the family head, Hector worked diligently and tirelessly to manage the

family. He had kept everything in order.

While no one in the entire family dared to challenge his authority, they found it hard to accept. that he was stepping down.

“Dad! All of this happened because of me.

“I should be the one being punished, if ever. There’s no need for you to bear the blame!” Natasha started to panic.

If Hector stepped down from his position and handed over all his assets, decades of her father’s hard work would be ruined.

After that, they would be left with nothing and no chance to turn the situation around. “Shut it! It’s not your place to speak!” Hector turned back and roared.

Power, status, and money were nothing to him compared to his daughter.

“Hector, are you sure about this?” Trent’s eyes shone with delight before he regained his composure.

“Hector, resigning from the role of the family head is no small matter. You should think properly.” Jacob stroked his chin, deep in thought.

“Since a mistake was made, I must accept the consequences. I’ve made up my mind. There’s no need to persuade me,” Hector responded calmly.

“Your sudden resignation would leave us without a leader. This puts us in a difficult situation. “Trent looked troubled.

“Trent, you are both courageous and resourceful and the eldest amongst us. You are more than qualified to take on the role,” Hector said.

“That doesn’t seem appropriate. I’m afraid it will take time to gain everyone’s trust.” Trent faked reluctance.

“Trent, your contributions to the family are no less than Hector’s. I believe you are very suited for the role!” Jacob showed his support.

“That’s right! Uncle Trent has wisdom and courage. His hard work and achievements are remarkable. He can be the family head,” Dylan echoed.

“Dad, it will be hard at first. But since everyone is nominating you, why don’t you accept it?” Kate said with a smile.

They had struggled this long all for this moment. Thankfully, their determination and efforts didn’t go to waste.

Her father had finally risen to power.

“Alright. Since everyone is insistent, I’ll try it for a few days.

“If a more suitable candidate shows up, I’ll step down and let them take over,” Trent humbly. said with a smile.

“With Trent leading the family from now on, I believe the Harmons will reach even greater heights!” Jacob took the opportunity to flatter Trent.

“Congratulations, Uncle Trent! Congratulations on becoming the family head of us, Harmons! “Dylan shook his hand.

“Congratulations, Mr. Trent!” The crowd exchanged glances and was quick to catch on.

They congratulated Trent loudly together.

Trent burst into laughter. “Hahaha… Alright! From now on, I will do my best for the family. I will not disappoint you!”

“Trent, congratulations on getting what you wished for. With the injuries I have, may I be excused?” Hector bowed slightly.

“Go ahead. Take good care of yourself.” Trent smiled and nodded.

Since he was just appointed the family head, he was in a good mood.

“Hold on!” Kate suddenly called out as the father and daughter were about to leave.

“Uncle Hector, even though you’ve taken the blame, it was ultimately Natasha’s mistake. If we don’t punish her properly, there might be others who would do the same in the future.”

“What?” Natasha’s expression turned icy.

“We’ve already surrendered all our assets. What more do you want?”

“By returning the goods that had been stolen, does that mean the theft never happened? Don’t you think that would be letting you off too easy?” Kate crossed her arms.

“Exactly! While we spared you from the death penalty, you must be taught a lesson to prevent you from doing it again!” Dylan stated firmly.

“Don’t push it too far! You know very well whether I stole from the family treasury!” Natasha raised her eyebrows in anger.

She had always been sharp–minded. After what happened earlier, she was sure this had been a


She was the bait, and her father was the prey. All accusations and schemes were planned to


have Trent as the family head.

“What? The evidence is clear. Are you still going to try to argue your way out of this?” Kate sneered.

“Uncle Trent, you’re the family head now. It’s up to you to decide how to handle this,” Dylan said.

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