Chapter 879

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“What?” Upon seeing the man, both Hector and Natasha frowned.

They started to worry.

“Uncle Hector, you should recognize this man, right?”

Dylan walked around the attendant. “I caught this guy as he escaped with the treasures.

“After a thorough interrogation, he confessed and admitted to his crimes. The key to the treasury is the evidence.”

“Hey! What are you still standing around for?

“Hurry up and tell us the truth. This is your last chance to redeem yourself!” Kate stepped. forward and kicked the attendant.

“It’s not me… I had nothing to do with it!” With a thud, the man fell to his knees before pointing at Natasha.

He groveled as he cried out, “It was all Miss Natasha’s doing! She ordered me to do it.

“I was just following orders. I don’t know anything.

“Please, I beg you, spare my life!”

“What are you talking about? When did I ever order you to do such a thing?” Natasha looked


“Ms. Natasha, we have been exposed. There’s no point in denying it.

“You might even get a lighter punishment the sooner you hand over the treasures,” the attendant said mournfully.

“You sure got the guts! How dare you falsely accuse me like that?” Natasha’s anger surged uncontrollably.

She didn’t expect to be framed by her men. There was no way for her to prove her innocence.


“Natasha, you can stop the act. We have a witness and evidence. Just confess to your crimes!” Dylan looked at her with eyes full of hostility.

“This is your last chance. If you don’t show remorse and continue to be stubborn, we’ll have to enforce the house law!”

“Hector, you are the family head. You must enforce the house law, no matter personal reasons! “Trent said sternly.

“The family’s interests always come first. Anyone who dares to harm the family’s interests is

an enemy of the Harmons!” Jacob declared.

“Enforce the house law!”

“Enforce it!”

The scene turned into chaos with their chants.

At first, they were just suspicious. But now there was both a witness and evidence; they were sure that Natasha was involved in the theft and had betrayed the family.

It was necessary to enforce the house law in response to such a crime as a warning to others. “Silence!” Hector thundered.

The instant sense of authority reverberated throughout the entire hall.

Instantly, the voices stopped.

“Hector, you are the family head. Will you stand against the law for personal reasons and protect a criminal within the family?” Trent asked.

“Hector, it is unwise to go against public sentiment. You should think this through carefully!” Jacob warned.

“Trent, Jacob, everyone…” Hector took a deep breath before picking the knife up from the ground.

He spoke loudly, “As the family head, I share an equal responsibility for the treasury theft.

“As a father, I failed to teach my child. Therefore, I hold myself equally accountable.

“I understand that all of you are angered at the situation. That is why I will bear the punishment on behalf of my daughter as a response to your concerns!”

When Hector was done speaking, he suddenly raised the knife and thrust it into his abdomen. three times in quick succession..

Instantly, blood surged out. It wasn’t long before his clothes were stained red.

“What?” Everyone was shocked at the scene.

Nobody expected Hector to stab himself without hesitation. Moreover, he didn’t hold back.

Each stab had pierced deep into his flesh and bones.

“Dad!” Natasha’s expression shifted as she rushed forward.

However, Hector raised a hand to stop her. Even though he was bleeding profusely from his abdomen, his body remained upright.

“Uncle Hector, I truly respect your courage. But these three stabs won’t clear Natasha of her crime.” Dylan narrowed his eyes.

“I understand.” Hector nodded.

He then stated calmly, “That is why I have decided that from this moment on, I will step down. as the family head and hand over all of my assets. I will be bearing all of the consequences!”

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