Chapter 878

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“Nonsense!” Hector knocked away the knife offered to him.

“I know Natasha very well. She would never do anything like this! There must have been a mistake!”

When Hector heard that his daughter was in trouble, he immediately rushed home. He didn’t expect to be met with such a hostile scene as soon as he stepped inside.

Were they going to enforce the house law? Who dared to enforce the house law while the head. of the family was away?

“Uncle Hector, it’s impossible to know a person truly. Character is nothing in front of riches.”

Dylan shook his head and continued, “The treasury was robbed, and only you and your daughter have the keys. If it wasn’t Natasha, was it you, then?”


Hector glared at Dylan and exclaimed, “As the family head, I consider myself upright and honorable. I would never do anything that harms our family!”

“Well, that’s certainly unusual. If it wasn’t you or Natasha, was it a ghost who did it?” Dylan asked sarcastically.

The crowd was doubtful upon hearing those words. Although Hector was selfless, it didn’t necessarily mean that Natasha was innocent.

Since it involved his daughter’s safety, even the most upright individuals would struggle to remain impartial.

“Hector, the treasury theft is not a small matter. Someone has to take responsibility.

“Otherwise, it will be difficult to gain the trust of others!” Trent said sternly.

“Hector, I know you care about your daughter. But this concerns the fate of our family.

“You shouldn’t make a judgment based on your emotions!” Jacob added. He was stern, too.

“That’s right! Our ancestor’s legacy must not be destroyed. Natasha betrayed and stole from us by working with outsiders. She must be punished!”

At that moment, a chorus of voices erupted in a clamor. Since they all had a share of the treasures within the treasury, they were naturally furious that it was stolen.

“Everyone, calm down!”

Hector raised his hands to calm the crowd. “This matter hasn’t been fully investigated yet. We can’t just come to a premature conclusion.”

Dylan said, “Uncle Hector, the treasury cannot be opened without the keys. I’d like to ask, where is your key?”


Hector took out a pocket watch hanging around his neck. He opened the lid, revealing a specially crafted golden key hidden within. Since it was an important item, he always kept it

on him.

“How about your key, Natasha?” Dylan turned toward her and asked.

“I have it too, of course!” As Natasha spoke, her hands went toward her waist.

However, her expression soon shifted. The key hidden at her waist had disappeared!

“What’s wrong? Can’t find it?” Dylan smiled sarcastically.

“It should be in my room. I’ll go back and look for it.”

As Natasha was about to leave, Dylan extended his hand to stop her.

“No need for that. Your key is right here!” Dylan raised his hand.

A golden key was in his hands. Its design, pattern, and engravings were the same as the one in Hector’s hand.


Natasha was confused. “Why is my key with you?”

“That is a question you should be asking yourself.”

Dylan sneered, “Right after the treasury was broken in, I immediately gathered a group of people to capture the thief. I found this key on the traitor.”

“Bring that traitor in here!” Dylan shouted.

Soon, two guards entered, dragging an injured man in with them. That person was none other than one of Natasha’s attendants.

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