Chapter 877

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Ruth’s urgent voice quickly came through when the call connected.

“Dustin! Bad news! My sister is in trouble!”

“Trouble?” Dustin furrowed his brows.

“What happened?”

“The family treasury has been robbed. My sister is the prime suspect.

“They’re going to use the house law on her!” Ruth exclaimed in panic.

“Try your best to hold them up. I’ll be there as soon as I can!”

Without a moment to spare, Dustin hung up and swiftly headed to the Harmons‘ residence. with Cornelius.

Meanwhile, inside the Harmon’s ancestral altar, a group of people blocked Natasha at the entrance. She was trapped with nowhere to go.

The elders of the family were angry and filled with righteous indignation. They scolded her nonstop.

“Natasha! How dare you conspire with outsiders to steal from the family treasury. You are truly an ungrateful daughter!”

“You have ruined our hundred–year–old legacy! How do you think you should be punished?”

“You bitch! How could the Harmons have raised such an ungrateful brat like you?”

The group kept pointing fingers and criticizing Natasha. Amidst the anger, there were also strong feelings of resentment.

“I’ve explained many times. I did not steal from the treasury or conspire with outsiders.

“I have no idea what is going on!” Natasha frowned, her expression grim.

She had just laid down to rest not long ago. But a group of family elders suddenly barged into her room without a word and brought her to the ancestral hall to be locked up.

For some reason, they accused her of theft and forced her to confess.

“You have no idea? What a joke!”

Dylan stepped up and said coldly, “Everyone knows there are only two keys to the treasury. One is with you, and the other is with Uncle Hector.

“With Uncle Hector not around, you are the only one who can access the treasury. That means

you’re the one behind this theft!”

“Exactly! The key is with you, and now the treasury has been robbed. It must be you!” Kate added.

“Natasha! The family has always treated you well. Why would you do this?” Trent exclaimed.

“Uncle Trent, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do anything!” Natasha shook her head.

“If it wasn’t you, was it Uncle Hector?” Dylan sneered.

“My father and I would never do anything to harm the family. This must be a misunderstanding.” Natasha’s brows furrowed deeply.

“Natasha Harmon! Stop denying!

“If you confess and return the stolen treasures, there might be a chance to resolve this. But if you insist on being stubborn, we must enforce the house law!” Dylan threatened.

“Uncle Jacob, if someone steals while being the guardian and destroys the family’s legacy, how do we deal with them according to the house law?” Kate asked sarcastically.

Jacob answered with a grim expression, “Gouge out their eyes, cut off their tongue, and break off their limbs.”

The crowds‘ expressions shifted when they heard that. If they truly enforced the house law, Natasha wouldn’t survive.

“I haven’t done anything wrong! Who dares enforce the house law on me?” Natasha yelled.

Her gaze hardened as she stared at the crowd without fear.

“Natasha, I’m giving you one last chance. Hand over the treasures, and I can pretend that nothing happened.

“Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences!” Trent looked serious.

“Uncle Trent, I’ve been set up! Please don’t fall for it!” Natasha reasoned.

“Still denying? You really need to be taught a lesson!!”

Dylan didn’t bother wasting his breath further and commanded, “Guards! Enforce the house. law on her!”

As soon as he spoke, several muscular men approached Natasha with sharp gazes.


Just then, Hector suddenly rushed in and shouted angrily, “What are all of you doing? Attempting a rebellion?”

“Uncle Hector, you came right on time.” The corner of Dylan’s lips curved up into a smile.

“Natasha conspired with outsiders to steal from the family treasury. As the family head, you should enforce the house law personally.” His words carried a hidden meaning.

While speaking, he took out a knife and placed it in Hector’s hands.

He clearly wanted the father and daughter duo to go against each other.

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