Chapter 869

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“I was just saying. You don’t have to open it if you don’t want to.” Dustin shrugged.

Although the Jade Maiden Scripture was impressive, it was only suitable for women. It had no use for him. He was only interested to see it because of his curiosity.

“Hmph! Smart move!” Nikki breathed a sigh of relief.

It was embarrassing to admit, but it was thanks to Dustin that she could get her hands on the Jade Maiden Scripture.

When they returned, she would put in a good word for him with Madam Edith and ensure he was rewarded accordingly.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of Zephyr Lodge. They had just exited the car when Brittany and a few disciples rushed up to them excitedly.

“Nikki, I heard you found the Jade Maiden Scripture. Where is it? Let me see!” Brittany was unable to hide the excitement on her face.

“It’s right here, have a look.” Nikki passed the box containing the Jade Maiden Scripture to her.

Brittany’s excitement grew as she studied the scripture. “It is the Jade Maiden Scripture. This is great!”

“Congratulations, Brittany! You found our treasure!” The disciples behind her praised her.

“All of you had a hand in finding the scripture!” Brittany said as she flipped through the scripture. She was thrilled.

“Brittany, we could only get our hands on it thanks to Dustin.” Nikki attempted to give Dustin. credit.

“Hmm?” Brittany swept a glance at Dustin.

She looked at Dustin arrogantly. “Hmph! You finally caved in? Have you finally realized you should be pleasing me? You men are always saying one thing but meaning another!”

“Let me make it clear. My actions have nothing to do with you,” Dustin clarified immediately.

“You’re still being stubborn? Why would you be so enthusiastic about finding the scripture if you aren’t in love with me? I’ve seen through you, so stop pretending!” Brittany raised her head, looking proud.

Dustin was rendered speechless. He wondered where her confidence came from. She could

twist any situation to make it all about herself and speak as if it was a fact.

“Fine, given that you went through all that trouble for me, I won’t hold your past mistake against you anymore. Starting today, I’ll allow you to be my fanboy,” Brittany said in a


naughty tone.

“Hey, what are you doing just standing there? Hurry up and thank her!”

“You’re lucky that you’re getting a chance to please Brittany. You must cherish it!” A few disciples crossed their arms, looking like Dustin had struck gold.

Dustin rolled his eyes. He couldn’t bother wasting his time with a bunch of lunatics.

“What’s going on here?” Just then, Edith strolled in with an old woman. Their proud demeanor made it seem like royalty was arriving.

“Madam Edith, you arrived just in time. We have good news. We found the Jade Maiden Scripture!” Brittany excitedly passed the sheepskin scripture to her.

“You found it?” Madam Edith was astounded. She took a closer look, instantly, her expression turned to joy.

“It is the Jade Maiden Scripture. This is great! Who found it? I’ll have to reward them handsomely!”

“I found it, Madam Edith! I went through a lot of trouble to obtain this precious treasure. I didn’t disappoint, did 1?” Brittany stepped up. She didn’t hesitate to take all the credit. Nikki was stunned by her words.

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