Chapter 868

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Julian died a regretful death. After killing him, the masked men left without any words.

Dustin, who was the reason for his death, got his revenge. Not only that, but he got the Jade. Maiden Scripture that was worth ten billion. It was worth celebrating.

He guessed that the masked man who left earlier was Preston. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have. reacted like that when he saw Dustin.

“Congratulations to the three of you. Luck is on your side.” Samuel clasped his hands, smiling

as usual.

“Mr. Franklin, thanks to you, we got a great deal.” Dustin returned the smile with a knowing look.

Samuel had remained silent the entire time, evidently hoping Julian would meet his end so that he could reclaim the Jade Maiden Scripture.

It was a pity that it ended up in their hands instead.

“May I ask for your name?” Samuel asked respectfully.

“Dustin Rhys.”

“Mr. Rhys, you don’t seem like an ordinary person, given your manner of speech. I hope we can work together again in the future.” Samuel extended an olive branch.

Dustin raised an eyebrow. “How do you intend us to work together, Mr. Franklin?”

“I mainly specialize in gathering information and trading rare treasures. I can assist you if you need help in those areas.” Samuel smiled.

“Is that so? I am facing two difficulties now. I wonder if you can give me an answer for them.” Dustin flashed a smile.

“Please, go ahead.” Samuel nodded his head.

“Firstly, I’d like to know who assassinated Paul Hill. Secondly, I’d like to know about the whereabouts of Cherusia. If you have any information on those, I’m willing to offer a high price,” Dustin stated frankly.

Samuel was not an ordinary man if he could locate the Jade Maiden Scripture that quickly. For all they knew, they might find surprising information with his information network.

Samuel smiled. “I will look into your request, Mr. Rhys. I’ll notify you immediately once I have.


“Thank you,

we’ll be leaving now.” Dustin nodded and left soon after.

“Hahaha… We got the Jade Maiden Scripture without spending any money! This is fantastic!” Nikki was excited on the way back.

She had thought she was going to lose the treasure. The result came as a surprise.

“There seems to be something off about this scripture.” Dustin was puzzled as he looked at the sheepskin scripture in his hands.

He’d studied various ancient texts since he was young. He recognized the cultivation methods. in the Jade Maiden Scripture from a different book he’d read.

Not to mention, he was extremely well–versed in those teachings. However, that book wasn’t called the Jade Maiden Scripture.

What caught his attention was that the contents of the scripture in his hands were incomplete.

“What’s off about it? Could this treasure be fake?” Nikki was taken aback and grew nervous.

Dustin shook his head. “It’s not exactly fake, but rather, incomplete.”

“Incomplete?” Nikki frowned and took the sheepskin scripture from him.

She carefully flipped through it and said, “Where’s the missing part? It looks complete to me. Come on, don’t just speak nonsense!”

“It’s not just the content that’s incomplete. There’s something wrong with the cover too. It seems like there’s something hidden inside it. Why don’t we open it up?” Dustin rubbed his chin.

The front and back covers of the scripture had different thicknesses. Though the difference. was minor, he still noticed when he touched the scripture.

“Hey! I’m warning you not to mess around!” Nikki hugged the sheepskin scripture. protectively, close to her chest.

“This is the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s precious treasure. Will you be able to bear the responsibility if it is damaged?”

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