Chapter 870

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“Brittany?” Nikki looked at her in disbelief.

She couldn’t believe Brittany would say something like that. All she did was greet them by the door, yet she had taken all the credit for herself.

It was unfair, especially when Brittany didn’t mention a word about their efforts.

“What?” Dustin frowned slightly. Although he wasn’t expecting to be acknowledged, it still annoyed him to be put in such a situation.

“You did great, Brittany. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.” Edith nodded in gratitude.

“I’ll remember your achievement. Once I’ve mastered the Jade Maiden Scripture’s teachings, I’ll pass them on to you!”

“Thank you, Madam Edith!” Brittany lit up in joy.

This was what she had been waiting for. There was nothing more valuable than being taught personally by her mentor.

“Brittany, I believe there’s something you forgot to mention,” Nikki reminded her.

As a fellow disciple, she didn’t mind not being rewarded. After all, they were all working for

Madam Edith.

However, Dustin had gone through all that trouble. She couldn’t allow him to be treated. unfairly.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Brittany gave her a warning glance.

As a senior disciple, she intended to be the first to reap the benefits. So what if she stole credit? Who would dare challenge her?

“Brittany, Dustin was the one who found the Jade Maiden Scripture. You shouldn’t disregard his efforts, don’t you think?” Nikki frowned.

“What?” Brittany’s expression darkened.

“Save the nonsense, Nikki. I was the one who found it. You should think before you speak. You must have been mistaken.” Brittany’s words carried a hint of threat.

“I’m not mistaken. It was Dustin who found it!”

Nikki was firm. “I saw it with my own eyes. Dustin was the one who found the scripture’s whereabouts and helped us obtain it!”

The rest of the disciples looked at the two worriedly. It seemed like Nikki was challenging Brittany’s authority.

“How dare you!” Brittany glared at Nikki, enraged.

“Nikki Horst, are you questioning me?” Brittany roared.

“I’m just speaking the truth.” Nikki lowered her head slightly, but her gaze remained unyielding.

“The truth? Hmph! You’re just trying to undermine me!” Brittany’s expression soured.

“We’re guild members, and I can’t believe you’d challenge me on behalf of an outsider!”

With her seniority in the guild, no one dared talk back to her, even when she was oppressive and unjust.

She couldn’t believe Nikki questioned her publicly and embarrassed her. Nikki should have known her place!

“Brittany, don’t you have a conscience? We can’t just ignore it when Dustin helped us out,” Nikki reasoned.

“Shut up!” Brittany’s temper flared, and she slapped Nikki hard across the face.

She screamed, “Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you lecture me?”

“You!” Nikki bit her lips, feeling wronged. Her face was swollen from the slap.

Just then, Edith finally spoke up, “Enough! We’re all members of the same guild. There’s not need to argue about a small matter.”

“Madam Edith, I’m telling the truth. Dustin handed the Jade Maiden Scripture to me personally before I handed it to Brittany!” Nikki tried to explain.

“Do you have proof?” Edith asked impassively.

“The other disciples saw what happened. They can vouch for me!” Nikki pointed at them.

“Oh, is that so?” Edith looked over lazily at the other disciples.

“Madam Edith is asking a question. All of you must answer truthfully!” Brittany’s expression was icy, and her gaze was hostile.

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