Chapter 863

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Nikki frowned, “What do you mean? You’re not selling it directly to us?”

“Recently, I’ve received many inquiries about the Jade Maiden Scripture. I was in a difficult position and was unable to make a decision.

“That was why I gathered everyone here to discuss the price collectively. It would be fairer this way,” Samuel explained.


Dustin shook his head with a smile. “Mr. Franklin, you have a gift for words. You’re raising the price without reason yet making it sound sophisticated.”

Gathering all the buyers to discuss the price collectively was an obvious attempt to start a bidding war. That way, the price of the Jade Maiden Scripture would surge dramatically. It was a cunning strategy indeed.

“You flatter me, mister. I’m a humble merchant who hopes to earn a little extra profit.”

Samuel continued to smile even when his plan was exposed. He was good at maintaining his composure.

“Hmph! I hate people like you the most” Nikki looked at him contemptuously.

Why couldn’t he just name a price? Those who could afford it would pay, while those who couldn’t could just leave.

It would have been a much simpler approach. It was such a waste of time to resort to such


While they were enjoying their tea, the private room door swung open again. Then, a man with a golden mask entered with confident strides.

“It seems like another esteemed guest has arrived. Please, take a seat.” Samuel remained hospitable and stood up to welcome him.

The man in the golden mask nodded. He was about to sit down when he noticed Dustin.

Instantly, he took a few steps backward and exclaimed in shock, “You… What are you doing here?”

“Do I know you?” Dustin asked with doubt.

The man in the golden mask gulped and realized he had lost his cool.

He put on a calm front and said impassively, “My apologies. I mistook you for someone else just now.”

“The heck? You scared me!” Nikki was upset.

He looked like he had seen a ghost as soon as he walked in. Was that necessary?

The man in the mask took a deep breath and calmly sat. However, he occasionally glanced at Dustin with resentment.

As time passed, a few more buyers entered the room.

Men and women were present, dressed in luxury, and carried themselves well. They were far from ordinary individuals.

“Hey, most of the buyers have arrived. Can we start now?” Nikki was getting impatient after waiting for so long.

“Please be patient, miss. We are missing one last person.” With a gentle smile, Samuel refilled their tea, being courteous throughout.

“Who’s running late? Will we sit here all day if he doesn’t show up?” Nikki frowned.

“What are you rushing me for? I’m here!” Just then, a well–dressed young scion strolled in.

He was accompanied by a few arrogant women who were all dolled up.

The young scion was none other than Julian Nicholson!

“Who the fuck was rushing me just now? If you don’t like waiting, then get the hell out!” Julian held his head high, looking arrogant.

“Hey! Do you want to get beaten up?” Nikki slammed the table angrily as she stood up, her expression icy.

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me? Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re asking for trouble!” Julian responded to Nikki in disdain.

“She’s asking for trouble, but what if I join in?” Dustin stood up slowly, asking with a sneer.

“What?” Julian took a closer look and was shocked.

“I–it’s you?”

“What? Are you surprised?” Dustin’s gaze was hostile.

“I haven’t had the chance to get revenge when you put me in jail. Now that we’ve crossed. paths today, don’t you think it’s time to settle the score?”

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