Chapter 864

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“Hey! I’m warning you, don’t mess with me!” Julian took a few quick steps back in fear when he saw Dustin’s threatening posture.

He hadn’t brought any bodyguards today; only a few pretty women came with him. It would be difficult for him to handle such a reckless fellow alone.

“Fellow guests. Please, calm down.” Samuel noticed the tension in the air.

He mediated the situation with a smile. “We’ve gathered here today for serious business. Let’s not spoil the mood. Whatever it is, we can discuss things calmly while seated.”

“Alright. Since Mr. Franklin has spoken up, I’ll respect that.” Dustin nodded and settled back into his seat.

Since they came for the Jade Maiden Scripture, it was inappropriate to fight now. He could deal with someone like Julian anytime he wanted, anyway.

“Hmph! And here I thought you had the guts. But it seems like you’re all bark!” Julian sneered. He assumed Dustin was hesitant to act because of his identity.

“You dress up so shabbily, and yet you dared challenge Mr. Nicholson? Don’t flatter yourself!” The haughty women with Julian looked at Dustin with disdain.

“Alright, since our esteemed guests have arrived, let’s begin.” With everyone seated, Samuel proceeded without delay and gestured.

Soon, a bodyguard opened a safe nearby and retrieved a delicately crafted wooden box. Upon opening the wooden box, an ancient sheepskin scripture was inside.

Three unmistakable words were on the cover–Jade Maiden Scripture.

“It is the Jade Maiden Scripture!” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Nikki, especially, was so excited that her breathing grew rapid. She couldn’t believe that it was real.

It would have been a lie to say she didn’t have doubts about coming here, but it was a delightful surprise!

“Fellow guests, getting my hands on this treasure wasn’t easy.” Samuel pointed at the Jade. Maiden Scripture.

He said confidently, “I believe you should know that the Jade Maiden Scripture is an ancient. and long–lost knowledge with many secrets.

“Those who practice the ways of the Jade Maiden Scripture will not only improve their skills. They will also live longer and maintain eternal youth!”

As soon as they heard those words, everyone grew excited. Especially the group of women could not hide their greedy expressions.

They weren’t interested in the prospect of greatly enhanced skills. They cared about the promise of long life and eternal youth. Every woman cared about their looks and desired to maintain a youthful look.

“Mr. Nicholson, you must not let the treasure fall into someone else’s hands. We must take it home!” The haughty women were excited as their eyes burned with hunger.

“Don’t worry. No one will dare take it from us as long as I am here. No one has the power to do so either!” Julian raised his head, looking confident.

“I wonder if Miranda will be happy if I give this treasure to her as a gift,” The man in the golden mask murmured to himself.

“Name a price; I’m taking it home with me!” Nikki was impatient.

“Its value is not up to me but to you, my fellow guests. Whatever you suggest as the price will be the price.” Samuel smiled faintly and reflected the question to them.

“You’re letting me decide the value of it? Alright, I’ll pay ten million!” Julian raised his index. finger, taking the lead.

“Hmph! What’s a measly ten million? I’ll pay 50 million for it!”

“50 million for the Jade Maiden Scripture? You must be dreaming! I’ll pay 100 million!”

“200 million here!”

Within a minute, the price of the Jade Maiden Scripture broke through the hundred million


Everyone knew ancient and long–lost knowledge like the Jade Maiden Scripture was priceless. It couldn’t be bought with just money.

Today, their wealth would determine who takes the treasure home.

“I’m offering one billion!” With gritted teeth, Nikki raised the price. Immediately, the voices.

hushed down.

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