Chapter 862

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Early the next morning, at Zephyr Lodge, Dustin sat on the rooftop and watched the sunrise. His expression was devoid of emotion.

Since bidding farewell to Dahlia last night, he had been on the rooftop since midnight till the sun rose in the sky.

His emotions gradually shifted from turmoil to calmness. After a night of deep contemplation, he found a newfound sense of acceptance and detachment.

He would no longer be stuck in the

“Sir Rhys…”


At that moment, Cornelius leaped onto the rooftop and reported, “I’ve received news that the Jade Maiden Scripture you are looking for has been located.”

“Oh? Where is it?” Dustin raised his eyebrow.

“A group of foreign merchants have it. We’ve contacted them, but they’re unwilling to sell to us directly. They insist on meeting face–to–face,” Cornelius replied.

“A face–to–face meeting?”

Dustin nodded. “Alright, go get Nikki. We’ll go and have a look together.”

“Yes, sir.” After Cornelius replied, he jumped down the roof again.

One hour later, a black executive car stopped at the entrance of Auspicious Restaurant. As the car doors opened, Dustin and his two companions stepped out.

“Hey! You didn’t trick me, did you? Is the Jade Maiden Scripture here?” Nikki looked at the restaurant, evidently skeptical.

“Why would I lie to you for no reason? If you don’t believe me, then let’s just go back.” Dustin turned around, about to get back into the car.

“H–hey! Alright, I trust you. Are you happy now?”

Nikki grabbed him and grumbled, “Come on, seriously? You’re a grown man. How could react so stingily? You’re worse than a woman.”


“Are you going in or not?” Dustin asked impatiently.

“Yes! Of course, I’m going!” Nikki repeatedly nodded, pulling Dustin inside with haste.

The Jade Maiden Scripture was a precious treasure of theirs and a crucial factor in helping Edith make a breakthrough. Therefore, no matter the cost, she had to get her hands on it.

The three of them entered the restaurant. After identifying themselves, a waiter led them to the second floor before finally stopping in front of a luxurious private room.

They knocked, and the doors opened.

Upon entering, Dustin and his companions saw a chubby, middle–aged man seated in the main seat.

The man had a cleanly shaved head and a gentle look. He reminded them of a priest, exuding an indescribable sense of comfort and familiarity.

Meanwhile, two bodyguards wearing sunglasses stood behind him.

“Oh! My esteemed guests have arrived. Please, take a seat!”

When the chubby man saw Dustin and his companions, he stood up to welcome them. He had a warm and enthusiastic smile.

“Who are you? Do we know you?” Nikki narrowed her eyes, feeling cautious,

“My name is Samuel Franklin. I’m new here. Our meeting today is surely fated. It would be my pleasure to befriend you all,” The chubby man said with a warm smile.

“No need for the pleasantries. Let’s get straight to the point. We heard you have the Jade Maiden Scripture. Is that true?” Nikki cut to the chase.

“Of course, it’s true,” Samuel answered, smiling.

“Oh? Well, then, let me first have a look.” Nikki’s interest was piqued.

“There’s no need to hurry. Please, have a seat and enjoy a cup of tea. We can take a look in a

little while.”

Samuel poured three cups of tea and passed them to Dustin, Nikki, and Cornelius.

“I’m not interested in your tea. Just name your price!” Nikki urged.

With her hot–tempered behavior, she had no patience for beating around the bush or engaging in unnecessary formalities.

Even when it came to movies, she preferred the simplistic, rough–styled movies Artea

produced than the drawn–out, sluggish movies Kimboku made.

“Dear guests, please be patient. I can’t name you a price yet as a few more buyers have yet to arrive,” Samuel said with a smile.

“More buyers are arriving?”

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