Chapter 857

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“Please leave if you don’t believe me.” Dustin’s patience had run thin, and he drove them out. This woman’s narcissism was beyond his tolerance.

“Still playing hard to get? You’re so childish.” Brittany scoffed, shaking her head.

“Fine, I’ll play with you since you want to play. Hopefully, you won’t regret it. Let’s go!” Brittany walked out while she spoke.

“Hmph, Brittany gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it. She’s angry now, and it’s too late to do anything!”

“If you had any sense, you’d apologize to her immediately. She still might consider forgiving you.”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples observed the situation as if watching a melodrama. They were expecting Dustin to be sobbing regretfully soon.

However, the more they laughed, the more they sensed something was amiss. Dustin remained unusually calm.

Even when Brittany had left the meeting room, he still hadn’t shown any reaction. It was as if he didn’t care.

“Hey! I’m really leaving!” Brittany stopped by the door.

She left a final warning, “This is the best time to make me stay. If you miss this chance, you will regret it for life!”

Dustin remained stoic as if he didn’t hear her and continued sipping his drink leisurely.

“Alright, let’s see how long you can keep up your act!” Brittany clenched her teeth and exited the room without looking back.

She had to admit that Dustin was good at his game. But sadly, he was up against her. His tricks. were useless against her.

Men should act like men, a simple fanboy. What was the point of acting? It was ridiculous!

She was going to make Dustin begged her to come back today. It was about her dignity and pride as a goddess, after all!

“Brittany left. There’s no use crying now!”

“Serves you right! You won’t have a chance to fawn over her now that you’ve made her angry!”

“Did you think you could get her attention this way? That was a misjudgment on your part!”

“If you’re a real man, don’t even think about begging us!”

The disciples gave Dust in their piece of mind before following Brittany out the door. Walking with pride and arrogance, they walked out as haughtily as they entered.

“It’s all your fault, Dustin! You made my senior leave in anger!” Nikki was anxious when she saw them go.

“What does it have to do with me? Your senior thinks she’s the owner and flatters herself.” Dustin shrugged.

“Although she has her misgivings, she’s indeed gorgeous. It’s normal for her to be cautious. when men frequently have dirty thoughts,” Nikki explained.

“Other people may be interested in her, but not me.” Dustin took another sip of his drink.

“I don’t care! Get my senior back here, now!” Nikki spared no further explanation and dragged Dustin out of the meeting room.

She cried out, “Wait up, Brittany! Dustin has something to say to you!”

Brittany’s lips curved up into a smile. It was as if she was expecting it. She stopped and turned around. She crossed her arms and lifted her chin slightly like a queen.

Arrogantly, she said, “What? Can’t keep up your act any longer? And here I thought you were something. In the end, you were still defeated by my charm. Go ahead; I’d like to hear how you will beg me.”

Dustin pointed to the left. Then, he said seriously, “You’re going the wrong way. The exit is that way. Goodbye.”

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