Chapter 856

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“Excuse me, miss. Please get your facts straight. This is my territory. I’m the one giving out orders here.”

Dustin pushed Brittany’s sword away with a finger. He demanded stoically, “You can only stay if I say so. If I don’t allow it, then you need to leave. Understand?”

“How dare you? You dare refuse us?” Brittany glared at Dustin.

“I’m the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s lead disciple. I’m a goddess everyone looks up to! Do you know how many outstanding men line up to impress me every day? I’m giving you a chance. Don’t be ungrateful.”

Because of her status, men fawned over her everywhere she went. Nobody dared to go against. her will.

“I’m sorry, I’m not like your fanboys. I’m not interested in you at all. Please don’t think so. highly of yourself,” Dustin responded impassively.

“You-!” Brittany seethed in anger.

It was the first time a man was not fawning over her beauty. How dare he ignore her?

“Hey, I’m warning you! Nobody has ever rejected Brittany’s request! You better not make her angry!”

“That’s right! We are disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood. You will suffer severe

consequences for defying us!”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples protested in anger.

They had gotten used to receiving special treatment. In the martial world, men would do their best to please them.

“Oh, I get it!” It seemed like Brittany realized something.

She flashed an icy smile. “I’ve seen through your true intentions. You’re playing hard to get, aren’t you? Are you using reverse psychology to get my attention?

“Hmph! I’ve seen plenty of men like you. You say one thing on the surface, but you think of the opposite. You act all upright, but you’re a lecher!

“I’ll never fall for your tricks. An insignificant brat like you isn’t worthy of my attention.

“We are worlds apart. No amount of tricks will ever change that. After all, an outstanding woman like me is far beyond your reach.

“But I must admit, you managed to get my attention. So I have decided to make an exception this time. I’m giving you a chance to please me. Keep in mind that I have never given anyone

such a favor.”

When she finished, she lifted her head proudly like a dignified queen.

Dustin was rendered speechless. He had only thought Brittany was confident. He didn’t expect her to be an idiot as well.

He had rejected her clearly, but she somehow thought he was playing hard to get.

“I must’ve guessed right.” The corner of Brittany’s lips curved up into a smile.

“Hah! I knew it. You, men, are all like that with your scheming tricks. But you’ll never trick me! I’m too smart for that!”

“Brittany, you’re indeed amazing! You saw through this rotten bastard with just one look!”

“You’re so smart, Brittany!”

“Hmph! Rotten bastard! Your tricks won’t work in front of Brittany!”

As the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s disciples praised Brittany, they looked at Dustin. contemptuously.

They had thought he was a decent guy, but he was a sly fox in hiding.

Dustin took in a sharp breath and forced himself to stay calm.

“I’m repeating myself one last time. I’m uninterested in you and don’t care who you are. Please don’t flatter yourself here.”

“Liar. Go on and continue with your lies. Do you think I will believe you?” Brittany wrapped her arms around herself, looking like she knew it all.

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