Chapter 858

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“What?” Dustin’s words left the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples dumbfounded.

They had expected Dustin to be begging them to stay and crying regretfully.

But, goodbye? That shouldn’t be a part of his script!

“Dustin, what are you doing? Are you provoking Brittany on purpose?” Nikki glared at him.

She had asked him to make her stay, not send her out!

“Y–you’re too much!” Brittany was livid after coming to her senses.

Right now, she couldn’t care less about maintaining her goddess–like demeanor. She took out her sword instantly, ready to kill.

When has she ever been treated like this? It was humiliating!

“What are you guys doing?” Just then, an authoritative voice rang out.

Everyone saw a 30 to 40–year–old woman dressed like royalty walk in. An elderly woman. accompanied her.

The middle–aged woman had a curvy figure and exuded charm. Her gaze was sharp and full of pride. She appeared like someone who kept people at a distance.

On the other hand, the elderly woman behind her looked gloomy. As she didn’t smile, she looked stern.

“Madam Edith!” Brittany’s expression brightened when she saw her, and she immediately led the disciples up to greet her.

The newcomer was none other than the head of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood–Edith Parker.

“What is going on here?” Edith glanced around the room while looking displeased.

She said, “The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples should carry themselves with the maidens. What’s with all the fighting and killing? This is unacceptable!”

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“Madam Edith, it’s this bastard’s fault! He’s trying to chase us out!” Brittany pointed a finger at Dustin, playing the victim.

“Hey, don’t twist the truth. You were the one trying to take our place. But I didn’t let you,” Dustin retorted impassively.

“Hmph! You had ulterior motives toward me and played hard to get. You got angry and chased us out once you found out I was not interested in you! You’re despicable!” Brittany yelled.

“Brittany, this is a misunderstanding. Let’s talk this out.” Nikki tried to mediate the situation.

“Nikki, how can you speak up for an outsider?” Brittany frowned.

“I just think the environment is nice here. It’s a suitable place for Madam Edith’s training. There’s no need to escalate things further. It’s better to resolve things now.” Nikki advised.

“Hmph! Sure, I won’t pursue the matter, but he must apologize!” Brittany pointed her sword

at Dustin.

“What if I don’t apologize? Would you leave again? I won’t send you off then.”

“You-!” Brittany seethed in anger.

“Enough!” Edith raised a hand to stop their bickering.

She declared coldly, “I like this place. It’s not bad. We’ll settle down here.”

“Madam Edith, there are a lot of disgusting men here. They’re dirty and smelly. It’ll be hard for us to stay here if we don’t drive them out.” Brittany added fuel to the fire.

“Brittany, this is Dustin’s manor. It’s not right to drive the owner out. If word gets out, it’ll ruin our reputation,” Nikki warned.

“Hey! Why do you keep speaking up for him?” Brittany was upset.

“Forget about it. Let them stay here for now. We are important people, so we need someone to serve us anyway.”

Edith glanced at Dustin and said coldly, “Hey, you there, prepare our rooms. We only want the best. Here, consider this a reward.”

As she spoke, she flicked a finger. A gold coin dropped at Dustin’s feet. And with that, she led her people in without any care.

“Hmph! Consider yourself lucky! You got another chance to get close to me. But I’m warning you, you better not have inappropriate thoughts!”

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