Chapter – 6 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

Alyssa was shocked to see the name on Jonah’s phone.
“Should I answer it?” Jonah asked.


He slowly answered the call and put it on speaker, but he was in no hurry to speak.

“Mr. Jonah, are you with my wife?” Jasper asked in a hoarse voice.

Alyssa found his words incendiary and became furious in an instant. “Mr. Jasper, please mind your words. I’m your ex-wife.”

“Alice White, I knew you’d be with him.” Jasper’s tone was deep.

“Should I be waiting at your house to be kicked out, then?”

On the other end of the call, Jasper’s expression turned dark. “I advise you not to be in such a hurry. We haven’t completed the procedures, and the divorce certificate hasn’t been issued. You’re still legally my wife. Please be mindful of the Becketts’ reputation as if it’s your own.”

“You took Liana Gardner to Seaview Manor and forced me to sign the papers. Jasper Beckett, did you care for my reputation when you did that?” Alyssa sneered, then continued, “One-sided courtesy doesn’t mean anything. Since you don’t care about my reputation, why should I care for the Becketts’? After all, I respectfully gave up my position as the president’s wife to Liana. You should ask her about that.”

Jonah raised his brow and took a sip of tea. This was the real Alyssa. The obedient and gentle wife who was always wronged by the Becketts was just a persona she had made up for Jasper.

Although he felt that his sister was perfect, he liked the feisty woman that was not scared of the world and had no restraints more. Thankfully, she had returned.

Jasper sounded tired when he spoke again, “I don’t have time to argue with you. Grandpa is sick. He’s in the hospital, and he’s been asking to see you. He won’t take his meds if you’re not here.”

Alyssa became distressed when she heard that. Although she was already divorced, old Mr. Beckett was good to her. She could give up all the assets and not want a single penny, but she couldn’t let go of that adorable old man.

“He’s at the hospital under Taylor Group, right? I’ll go over in a moment.”

After she ended the call, she sighed.

“Lyse, I’ll send you over,” Jonah said gently.

“It’s okay. I’m going there to visit Grandpa. I don’t want to cause another unnecessary fight. It’ll only worsen the situation if you send me over.” She waved her hand and added, “I’ll drive.”

At the hospital, Jasper and Xavier were standing outside Newton’s ward.

Alyssa walked over and noticed that Jasper was skinnier.

“Dang it! Why should I care about him? Whether he’s gotten skinnier or fatter, it’d never be because of me. He can do whatever he likes!” Alyssa cursed in her heart.

When she stopped before them in her heels, the two men looked up at her. They were both taken aback, especially Jasper. He could not recognize the woman who had been his wife for three years.

“Xavier, how is Grandpa doing?” Alyssa didn’t even look at Jasper.

“M-Madam Alice, i-is it really you?” Xavier was dumbfounded and asked a stupid question.

The woman before him had delicate makeup and sexy red lips. She was in a professional, black suit that showed her curves, and the ruby butterfly brooch on her chest was dazzling.

Alyssa was also taken aback. As she had rushed over, she forgot to change into sneakers and turn herself into the obedient Alice White.

“It’s me alright. Don’t you like my new style?”

“No, that’s not it! You’re so much prettier! Also, you look much more confident and spirited than before.” Xavier was honest and said exactly what was on his mind.

“Is that so? Maybe it’s because of the divorce.” She smiled. “I finally got to see the light again, so I look much happier.”

Jasper’s expression darkened, and he felt irritated. “Since you were so unhappy, why did you stay for three years? Didn’t I repeatedly tell you that you can cancel the marriage anytime? We didn’t need to wait for three years like prisoners. I could’ve brought you to Grandpa and ended it.”

Hearing that, Alyssa felt distressed. This was Jasper Beckett. No one could affect him if he had no feelings for them. Even if she put in her heart and soul for him, he wouldn’t care.

Back then, she loved this cold and prideful man so much that she had thrown herself into the relationship without inhibition, and the consequences were devastating.

“I made a promise to Grandpa, so I had to adhere to it. Since I promised to stay in this marriage for three years, I had to stick by it. But now you’re free. You can bring any woman you want back home. You don’t need to sneak out and meet your lover like before.” Alyssa sneered.

Jasper was speechless. Did she have such different personalities? Did she think that since they were divorced now, she might as well go all out? However, he felt she was much more attention-grabbing than how she was previously. There was a flash of emotion in his indifferent eyes.


Alyssa turned and saw Liana walking over with Sophia. When she saw that Alyssa was here, there was hostility in her gaze. However, it lasted only for a moment and was quickly replaced by an innocent gaze.

“Why are you guys here?” Jasper asked in surprise.

Just as he was done asking this, Liana pounced into his embrace and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Jasper, why didn’t you tell me about such a serious matter? Do you consider me your girlfriend or not?”

“Yes, Jasper. Do you know how worried Liana was when she heard that Grandpa was hospitalized? She vomited her lunch.” Sophia felt distressed for her niece.

“What happened? Why did you vomit?” Jasper asked worriedly.

“She’s always had gastric problems. It comes back whenever she’s nervous. It’s not a big deal, but it just never gets better.” Sophia sighed.

“I’ll find a good doctor for her. If the doctors in the country can’t treat her, I’ll take her abroad to look for a cure.” The man was gentle as he wrapped his arm around Liana’s waist.

Alyssa sneered in her heart when she thought of the time her stomach problem kicked in. Back then, she was so sick yet she had to go to the hospital alone. She didn’t tell him about it, but he never even showed concern even though her face was pale and she looked weak.

It turned out that it was not that Jasper didn’t know how to love, but that she was just not worthy enough to get his love.

Liana leaned into Jasper’s arms and stared at Alyssa with a malicious smile.

“Wait! Why did she change so much? She’s become so beautiful! The butterfly brooch on her chest, isn’t that the latest design from the famous designer Alexa? It’s worth five million. How could a country bumpkin like her afford it? This bitch doesn’t have any money. It must be a fake!” Liana thought to herself.

“Jasper, why don’t you let Liana accompany you to visit Grandpa? She cried all the way here and was so worried about him.” Sophia was very enthusiastic and acted as if Alyssa, who had taken care of their family for three years, was invisible.

However, Alyssa only maintained an indifferent expression. She didn’t even care about Jasper, so why should she care about her?

At this moment, Newton’s secretary walked out of the ward.

“Mr. Beckett asked for his granddaughter-in-law. Is she here?”

Liana showed envy when she heard that.

“Ben, I’m here.” Worried, Alyssa walked up. She didn’t care about titles now that they were in such a situation.

“Madam Alice.” Ben respectfully gestured for her to enter.

“Mr. Beckett has asked for you and Mr. Jasper.”

Alyssa didn’t say anything else and walked into the ward. Jasper pursed his lips and followed behind her.

“Jasper, wait for me …” Liana quickly followed, but Ben stopped her.

“Sorry, but Mr. Beckett ordered that he doesn’t want to see anyone else besides his grandson and granddaughter-in-law. Please leave.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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