Chapter – 7 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

Inside the ward, the sickly Newton instantly saw a lift in spirits upon seeing Alyssa. “Alice, come over here!”
In the next second, Alyssa changed her persona and obediently stood beside Newton. “Grandpa, how are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?”

“Even if it hurts, I feel cured after seeing you.” Newton pulled her hand and asked worriedly, “Alice, this bastard told me you guys are divorced. Is that true?”

“Yes. Grandpa, we’re divorced.” Alyssa’s eyelashes trembled, and her heart felt empty.

“You blind bastard! You have such a great wife, yet you don’t know how to appreciate her.” Newton expended all his strength to get up and glared at Jasper.

Jasper was worried about Newton’s condition and dared not speak rashly.

“Grandpa, don’t be mad at him. I don’t want to continue this marriage. I think it’s better for us to break up.” Alyssa gently comforted him and patted his back.

Jasper’s eyes narrowed as he thought, “She’s not complaining to my grandfather or using him to vent her anger and take revenge. Could she be using a new trick to get my attention and save this marriage? Alice White, what gave you the confidence to think I would be attracted by you?”

“Alice, were you wronged during your time with the Becketts? Did Sophia mistreat you?” Newton asked in dismay.

“No, Grandpa. I just don’t think Jasper and I are a good match. We wont’ have any feelings for each other, so the best outcome is to split up.”

Sadness shone in Alyssa’s eyes. “Don’t blame Jasper. We made some good memories during these three years too. That’s enough. Neither of us regrets it.”

Jasper frowned, and there was a perplexing emotion in his heart. He didn’t remember sharing any good memories with her. He didn’t even give her a wedding ceremony.

They had only gotten their marriage certificate under Newton’s urging. After that, she simply packed her stuff and moved in with the Becketts. Just like that, she became his wife. Did she really find those memories good? She must be lying.

“Alice, could it be my fault?” Newton’s eyes were teary.

Then, he sighed. “I had hoped that you guys would be happy, so I paired you two together. I didn’t expect this bastard to be such a rascal. It seems I’ve wronged you.”

“Don’t say that. Love fades, and I’ve gotten back my freedom. I’ve already gotten over this relationship.” She had been deeply in love with him for 13 years. Only the heavens knew how painful it was to let it go. It was like being skinned alive.

It was Jasper who was heartless. If she continued trying to stay with him, she would lose her dignity. She didn’t want to become a hated woman who went all out for the slightest affection from a man.

“Ben, bring over the birthday present I prepared for my granddaughter-in-law.”

Ben put on white gloves before passing over a delicate red velvet jewelry box. When it was opened, Alyssa saw an emerald bracelet inside. She had some understanding of antiques and realized this item must be at least a century old.

“Grandpa, this is Grandma’s …” Jasper was shocked.

“Yes, I gave this to your grandma when we first got together. It’s a precious treasure of the Becketts. It was passed down from your great-grandfather,” Newton said as he looked at the bracelet under the sun.

His gaze was gentle as he said, “Your grandmother told me this before she passed. This was her favorite piece of jewelry, and she hoped I would give it to the granddaughter-in-law I was happy with. Your grandmother isn’t here, so I’ll give it to Alice in her place. She’s the only one worthy of it.”

“No, Grandpa. This is too expensive. Moreover, I’m not …” Alyssa rejected it.

“Even if you’re no longer with Jasper, you’re the only granddaughter-in-law I acknowledge.”

Seeing that she refused, Newton acted stubbornly. “If you don’t take it, I’ll smash it.”

“Don’t! No!” Alyssa held his hand in horror, her heart almost jumping out from shock.

“I’ll take it. Thank you, Grandpa.”

“That’s more like it!” Newton was satisfied and put it on her wrist.

Alyssa had smooth skin, so her arm looked fairer upon wearing the emerald bracelet. This was the first time Jasper took a close look at her hand and found that it was soft and smooth. She really did look good with the emerald bracelet on.

“Bastard, what did you give Alice for her birthday?” Newton asked.

“Grandpa, Jasper … gave me an unforgettable present.”

Jasper clenched his fist, and his lips were pale. He did gift her something—divorce papers.

“Alice, is there really no turning back between you and Jasper?” Newton didn’t plan to give up.

“Grandpa …” Alyssa held his hand. “If you really love me, you should support my decision and let me live the life I want, right?”

“Since the matter has come to this point. I can’t say anything more. I only have one wish that I hope you can fulfill. Please stay until my 80th birthday is over, okay? It’s only in a few days.” Newton tried his best to make her stay longer.

“Grandpa, that’s not appropriate.” Jasper frowned and rejected the idea.

“Why is it not appropriate? Don’t tell me you plan on bringing that woman to my birthday and forcefully making her my granddaughter-in-law! Do those two women think they can do whatever they want to the Beckett men? In their dreams!”

Newton slapped the bed in anger. “If you respect me and want me to live a few more years, you’d better stay away from her. I’m never going to accept her.”

Outside the ward, Liana walked around in panic. At the same time, she was furious.

“Stop walking around. My head is spinning because of you.” Sophia rubbed her forehead. “Why are you so worked up? You know how Newton feels about you. He has one foot in the grave already, and he won’t be able to control Jasper for long. All you have to do to is capture Jasper’s heart and that’s enough.”

“It’s easy for you to say. But if Newton doesn’t die, he’ll never accept me! If that’s the case, I can never marry Jasper.” Liana quickly covered her mouth after saying that, worried someone might hear her.

“Newton didn’t accept me back then either. So what? I still married Javier,” Sophia said as she admired her manicure.

“Human heart is weak and soft. This is his grandson, after all. If Jasper insists on marrying you, do you think he can really stop him?”

Liana realized that Sophia was right and felt much calmer.

Finally, the door to the ward opened, and Ben walked Alyssa and Jasper out.

After rearranging her expression, Liana walked up to Jasper coquettishly. Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes.

The emerald bracelet on Alyssa’s wrist was dazzling, and she couldn’t look away. It was much more expensive than the supposedly heirloom she wore. Alyssa hadn’t been wearing it when she arrived, so Newton must’ve just given it to her.

Jealousy twisted up Liana’s expression. A vicious plan came to mind, and she suddenly pounced on Alyssa.

Liana pretended to have twisted her ankle and pulled the emerald bracelet from Alyssa’s wrist to smash it.

Unexpectedly, Alyssa narrowed her eyes and dodged her. With that, Liana fell to the ground and the emerald bracelet around her own wrist broke in half.

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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