Chapter – 8 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

“Liana? Are you okay?” Sophia was shocked, but she also wanted to laugh.
Jasper quickly walked over to pull her up from the ground, but she refused to move.

“Jasper, it hurts. Carry me.” Liana’s knees felt numb, and she cried while whining.

Seeing this, Alyssa crossed her arms and looked at the woman on the ground. She was really a fake bitch, making her a good match for Jasper, who was blind to her tricks.

“Jasper … Alice pushed me!” Liana hid in the man’s arms and glared at Alyssa viciously.

“Lia, what are you talking about?” He was taken aback.

“Are you sure I pushed you?” Alyssa wasn’t angry. Instead, she laughed and watched Liana’s act.

“Could I have fallen to the ground by myself, then?” Liana was so angry that her gentle voice was a pitch higher.

“It’s possible. After all, you look so weak you could die anytime. Maybe a breeze made you fall.”

“You … Are you jinxing me?” Liana’s face was red from anger. “You clearly pushed me when I walked over. What, don’t you dare admit to what you did?”

“Ms. Gardner, we live in a lawful society. There’s surveillance everywhere, so you can’t just make false accusations whenever you want.” Suddenly, Alyssa’s clear gaze deepened, and her demeanor became oppressive. “Once I find evidence, I can sue you for slander.”

Jasper was taken aback by how much Alice had changed. She was no longer the dull and obedient wife who waited for him at home.

It was obvious that Liana was defeated, and she looked at Sophia for help.

“It’s all a misunderstanding!” Sophia glanced surreptitiously at the surveillance camera above and tried to smooth out the situation. “Liana must have tripped and accidentally brushed past Alice, which is why she mistakenly thought that Alice pushed her. It’s a misunderstanding.”

“Lia, did you really trip?” Jasper stared at Liana, his tone indifferent.

“I … I thought she pushed me …”

Jasper’s expression darkened. Instantly, Liana was in a panic and argued, “If she hadn’t dodged, I wouldn’t have fallen. She did it on purpose. Look, my emerald bracelet is broken now. It’s an heirloom given by my grandma. It wouldn’t have been broken if it weren’t for her. Ms. White, I know you’re angry because of your divorce from Jasper, but you can’t vent your anger on me. Is it my fault that you guys divorced?”

As Liana spoke, tears rolled down her face.

“First of all, I’m not angry. On the contrary, I have to thank you for helping me escape my suffering. Now, I no longer have to be a sorrowful wife that waits for him from dark till dawn.” Alyssa raised her chin slightly and retorted.

“From dark till dawn?” Jasper thought, and the shock on his face was obvious.

“Secondly, if this is your heirloom, you should thank me.” She took up half of the broken emerald as she spoke and shone it under the light. “It’s a fake.”

“What?” Liana was taken aback, and even Sophia was shocked.

“The middle part of this emerald has been filled with gum. It won’t be good for your health if you wear it long-term as the chemicals will seep through the skin and affect your blood circulation.”

After speaking, she threw it into the garbage. The emerald bracelet on her wrist that was gifted to her by Newton became the biggest mockery to Liana.

“Mr. Jasper, Ms. Garner is your girlfriend. You should at least give her some decent jewelry,” Alyssa teased.

“Alice White.” He frowned.

“There are a few emerald ornaments on my dressing table in the Becketts’ residence. If you don’t mind, you can use them to make a bracelet for yourself.” Alyssa patted away the dust on her hand as if Liana’s emerald had dirtied her hands.

Liana was furious and thought, “This bitch! She’s trying to ridicule me by offering me those emerald ornaments.”

She wanted to retort, but Alyssa had left.

Outside the hospital, Alyssa couldn’t help but laugh when she thought about how Liana had made a fool out of herself.

“Alice White.”

Alyssa immediately turned back when she heard Jasper’s charming voice. The breeze lifted her hair, giving her an extra feeling of unsullied beauty.

He narrowed his eyes as he walked to her.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Beckett?” Her expression was cold. “If Ms. Gardner is still distressed about her bracelet, I’ll send her a new one tomorrow.”

“In the ward just now, you told Grandpa …”

“Oh, about that? Don’t overthink it. I just didn’t want Grandpa to get angry.” Alyssa’s gaze only became gentle when Newton was mentioned.

“We’re even now.”

This puzzled Alyssa.

“You faked your identity to marry me. We’re even now. I won’t tell Grandpa nor the Becketts about this.” The man’s expression was sullen.

She widened her eyes in shock, wondering, “Can I deny it?”

“However, you must tell me why you used a fake identity when you married me. No, I should phrase it another way.” Jasper gradually moved close to her and asked, “What was your motive in getting close to Grandpa with a fake identity?”

Alyssa felt a pain in her heart and secretly retreated. However, she forgot that there was a step behind her. She lost her balance and fell backward.

But in the next second, she felt a warm touch on her waist when Jasper caught her. Their eyes met, and she blushed. Meanwhile, his breathing became messed up as well.

Until today, she still felt that Jasper’s face was a gift from heaven. 13 years ago, she had been 11. She would never forget his bright eyes in the scary and dark thunderstorm. Jasper had once saved her. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be alive today.

However, he had hurt her repeatedly, making her feel as though she was in a living hell.

At this moment, Jasper pulled her back, and they both stood straight.

“Thank you.”

“Answer my question.” Jasper persisted.

“I’m no longer your wife. I’m not obliged to tell you.” Alyssa sneered.

Then, she turned away. “Since you said we’re even, why are you not letting me go? Even if I did use a fake identity, I never did anything to hurt you during the three years we were together, no?”

All of a sudden, Jasper grabbed her arm. “We’re not officially divorced, and you’re still legally my wife. You’re obliged to tell me about your identity!”

“I can’t tell you!” Alyssa uttered, her eyes red. “Mr. Jasper, you keep mentioning responsibility, but don’t you find it funny? Have you ever fulfilled your duties as a husband during our three-year marriage? Why do I have to oblige you in the name of being your wife?”

“Alice White, don’t think I won’t have other ways to deal with you!” He pulled her into his embrace, and their breaths intertwined. He wasn’t someone who was easily angered, but since Alyssa left, he found himself losing his patience more and more.

“Go and investigate me, then. What’s the use of asking?” She broke free from him and left without turning back.

He stared at her cold figure and remembered her red lips and deadly high heels. Suddenly, he felt depressed. Why did she become like this? Could it be to please Jonah?

“What a malicious woman. I don’t know what Grandpa likes about her,” Jasper thought.

“Mr. Jasper, Ms. Gardner said her ankle is twisted, and she’s crying for you,” Xavier ran over and said while panting.

All of a sudden, they heard the roar of an engine.

“T-That’s Madam Alice!”

Jasper saw his ex-wife in a sports car driving arrogantly past him. And it was a limited edition Bugatti too.

“It turns out Madam Alice is secretly rich!” Xavier was stunned.

Jasper’s gaze deepened, and he clenched his fists.

“Go after her!”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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