Chapter – 5 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

That was how she heard the executives talking behind her back.
“How dare they say that! You’re the Taylor family’s only daughter, and the daughter of the first wife. Are they out of their minds?” Alyssa’s secretary, Sean Lynch, was furious.

“Come on. That mindset is old-fashioned. Who cares about whether I’m the first wife’s daughter? I don’t care, so why should you bother?” Alyssa narrowed her eyes and pinched Sean’s face. Instantly, the young secretary blushed.

“Alyssa, you’re the future president of KS Group. Can you at least act with dignity? Don’t tease Sean.” Jonah frowned slightly.

“What’s the matter? Big bosses are allowed to tease their female secretaries. Why can’t a female boss touch her male secretary’s face?” Alyssa snickered. “It’s his honor to be touched by me!”

Jonah shook his head, his eyes showing only love and tenderness.

Soon, the executives surrounded Jonah and Alyssa. Michael Grant, one of the VPs, took them to the VIP elevator, but Alyssa said, “I want to take a look at the restaurant first.”

She didn’t beat around the bush, and her first objective was to observe this hotel. Terrified, Michael brought them to the buffet restaurant.

Jonah remained silent as if he was invisible and allowed his sister to do whatever she needed.

It wasn’t lunchtime, so there weren’t any customers, but a few waiters were already putting out the food. Alyssa glanced at the dishes and suddenly stopped before the seafood area.

Then, she rolled up her sleeve and put her hand into the glass aquarium. She accurately took out a dead shrimp from among the hundreds of live ones.


“T-This isn’t dead yet.” Mr. Grant stuttered.

“You can have it then, since it’s not dead,” Alyssa smirked.

“M-Ms. Alyssa, as you can see, there are hundreds of shrimps. It’s normal for one to suffocate to death …”

“It’s normal to find one dead. But do you think it’s normal for the guest to get food poisoning from it?”

The smile on Alyssa’s face was gone. “Also, there are a total of 356 shrimps here. I took a rough look, and five were dead. There are around 30 shrimps that are on the verge of death. I’m not sure what the guests who paid 300 dollars to eat here would think, but if it were me, I would have blacklisted this hotel forever! Handle all the ingredients from the seafood area properly and change the suppliers. If I see another dead shrimp at lunch tomorrow, I’ll let you have a taste of it.”

Michael almost fainted while the other executives were stunned by what happened. Only Jonah and Sean knew that Alyssa had a photographic memory. She once helped the police solve a case because of her keen eyes. So a few shrimps was a piece of cake for her.

When they reached the guest rooms, Alyssa took a white handkerchief from Sean and wiped it gently across the wall and a picture frame.

“The cleaning is not done well—there’s dust. Redo it.”

The executives complained in their hearts.

“I know you guys are secretly cursing me, thinking that I’m being excessive and nitpicky, right?” Alyssa looked calm, but her tone was serious. “However, a hotel with a century-old reputation could also be wiped out by the neglect of such details. If the hotel inspector saw any of these issues, they could take down one of our stars.”

Then, she glanced at Sean. He understood what she meant and ordered, “Open up the room.”

The manager of the housekeeping department quickly did as told. In the past, they would clean a few rooms just for show during inspections by higher-ups. However, Alyssa went against their expectations.

Alyssa walked into the room and took a look at the bathroom first. Next, she sat on the bed. Instantly, her delicate face turned cold. However, she remained silent and ended her inspection.

After that, she went to her office with Jonah.

“What are your thoughts after looking around?” Jonah laughed.

“This place is filthy and messy!” Alyssa sat on the sofa, depressed. Then, she covered her forehead and sighed. “Is my dad trying to train me or play a prank on me? This hotel is the worst I’ve ever seen. Does this business really belong to the Taylors?”

“Lyse, Grandpa started this hotel. In the past, we wanted to expand our business by starting in the hotel industry, and we’ve managed it carefully. Only then could the KS Financial Group become what it is today. This hotel is not just an awful mess for you to clean up but also a place of significance for the Taylors. However, we have too many businesses, and the hotel industry wasn’t doing well the past two years. Plus, we have been busy with our own matters. So … We neglected the management.” Jonah blamed himself. “Lyse, you’ll have to deal with our mess. We’re sorry.”

Suddenly, Alyssa noticed the black piano in the corner and gasped.

“I ordered for this to be placed here. I know you like playing the piano when you’re not in a good mood. Sometimes you’ll go a few laps around the horse track, right?”

Jonah’s gaze was gentle as he said, “I know you’ll be busy during these two months. It’s not realistic for you to go to the horse track. If you’re tired, you can play a few songs. You’re good at this. I remember …”

“Thank you, Jonah. I haven’t played in a long time.” Alyssa found it hard to swallow, and the almost-healed wound in her heart ripped open again.

“What’s the matter?” Jonah was shocked.

“When I was a doctor, I hurt my hand while helping to save a soldier. The ligament of my little finger was torn. Although the finger’s not broken, it’s tantamount to being useless. I can’t stretch my fingers too far and I can’t play many songs anymore, so I’ve decided to stop playing.” Alyssa tried her best to stay calm when she said this.

Jonah was distressed and took her hand to check it.

“Were you injured because of Jasper Beckett?”

“Yes and no.” Alyssa felt the pain in her heart increase when she heard his name.

Still, she showed a bright smile. “It’s for world peace. I did it to make my family proud.”

Five years ago, she encountered Jasper again after missing him for years. It was on a battlefield on the borders of Ksovia. She was a field doctor, and he was a soldier. He fought for peace, and she almost disabled her hand to bring him back to safety.

In the past, she felt it was an honor. Now, she only felt pain when her little finger that was numb.

But the past should be left in the past. She had loved the wrong person and would never shed another tear for him again.

Suddenly, Sean knocked and quickly entered the office. “Ms. Alyssa, I have found our hotel’s bedding and furniture supplier. It’s mostly from Elysian Home. Mr. Grant is responsible for contacting them.”

“Elysian again.” Alyssa crossed her slender legs and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

“Tell the finance department to prepare the accounts for these past two years. Also, contact a new bedding supplier and change out everything that belongs to Elysian.”

“Are you really going to cause such a huge commotion?” Jonah raised his brow.

“Elysian Home is Jasper’s first love’s brother’s company.”

“Oh. This is revenge,” Jonah and Sean said at the same time.

“It’s not! They’ve been selling inferior bedding products to the KS World Hotel. I have to punish them.” Alyssa sneered.

She was furious at the thought of the hard mattress she sat on. The feeling of discomfort while staying at the hotel would affect the customer’s impression. It was no wonder there were so many bad reviews!

“Right! There’s another thing,” Sean added. “You asked me to keep an eye on the Becketts. I’ve received news that Newton Beckett had another stroke, and he’s hospitalized. He’s staying in the hospital under our group.”

“He’s hospitalized?” Alyssa instantly stood up with worry.

At this time, Jonah’s phone rang. He looked down and smiled.

“Lyse, it’s your ex-husband.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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